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A sweater is for life, not just for Christmas

Is it ever in good taste to wear a Christmas sweater, novelty underwear or a onesie?

A sweater is for life, not just for Christmas

Is it really ever acceptable to wear a Christmas sweater, novelty underwear or a onesie?

During the season of goodwill it can be fully acceptable to do all three, and you don’t even have to wear them with a sense of irony. If you choose your fashion pieces wisely and don’t wear them all at once then no one is going to think your an elf in search of a reindeer, or a Santa who’s one gift short of a sack.

Christmas sweaters have long been the favourite of middle class Christmas lunch parties but you do not have to be a suitor of Bridget Jones or even Miranda Hart to wear one.

Although it’s not advisable to wear one of the traditional variety with a red nose stitched on the front and with a tail hanging from the back Ralph Lauren, D Squared2 and Abercrombie all have versions of the Christmas sweater.

A traditional fair isle or anything with reindeer, snow capped mountains, snowflakes or winter scenes are all good choices. Don’t just wear the traditional Christmas colors of red and green and you’ll be all set for festive fun, rather than just being the figure of fun in busy knitwear.

Remember a Christmas sweater is no longer just for Christmas and some of the best can be found in vintage stores. If you shop wisely and choose the right one you could find yourself with a classic piece that you can wear more than once a year. Just remember less is more and anything with Santa on the front is going to have a shorter shelf life than a pair of Christmas stockings.

Christmas stockings bring us very neatly to accessories and although novelty underwear is always going to be a big no no, fair aisle socks and scarves with winter scenes are a lot more festive than offensive.

There is nothing more luxurious than a pair of cashmere socks, even when they are patterned with snowflakes, but if you just can’t bear the thought of wearing anything that suggests the season of goodwill, then a patterned beanie from Top Man or their stag print scarf will bring all the festive cheer you need.

The onesie is this year’s success story, from the rails of Primark and onto the backs of the summer festivals goers; from the streets of Essex, to the snowcapped slopes and Christmas skiing… the onesie has got many of us wrapped up, cosy and ready for the festive flounce. The popularity of the Lillehammer version hasn’t even been dampened by the permatanned Mark Wright and Rylan Clark being papped wearing them.

Currently the choice of Essex boys, rappers, reality and TV talent show stars its death knell may start to ring once we ring in the New Year, but for the moment it’s the baby grow for grown ups and we are wearing them with pride. They are also the perfect cure for hungover dressing, you just jump in, zip up and zone out.

Christmas is known for being the silly season. A time when taste goes out of the window and an excuse for all of us to wear something inexcusable to the Christmas party, around the dinner table or even down to your local pub so embrace the season of goodwill and buy something festive. Because you’re beginning to look a lot like Christmas and Christmas has never been so cool.

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