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Sweden’s foreign minister: Russia’s anti-gay laws are ‘inhuman’

Sweden’s foreign minister: Russia’s anti-gay laws are ‘inhuman’

Sweden’s Foreign minister has described Russia’s crackdown on LGBT people as ‘inhuman’ and ‘repulsive’.

Carl Bildt is one of the most high-profile politicians to speak out against the homophobia rising in Russia.

He said: ‘Hate-mongering against LGBT persons on the rise in Russia after recent law. Repulsive. Inhuman.’

Despite speaking out against the anti-gay laws, the former Prime Minister did not respond to questions whether Sweden would cut ties or take action.

The situation of LGBT people in Russia, compounded with a frightening acceleration means we can not stand silent and watch as it happens,’ Peter Rimsby, the president of Stockholm Pride, said.

‘Pride is an important symbol of everyone’s freedom to love, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or identity. To restrict this freedom is a violation of human rights and it should not go unnoticed.’

He added: ‘We now call on all those who have a voice; politicians, pundits, business profiles, and citizens to use and support the LGBT struggle for the freedom to love.’

It was revealed last weeek neo-Nazis were using an online dating scam to trick young gay people into meeting with them before they would kidnap, torture and humiliate them on camera.

Worldwide, several bars have taken the decision to boycott Russian vodka.

While noted gay activist Nikolai Alekseev said there is probably ‘no point’ in the boycott, several say it is an important symbol of opposing the Russian law.

Iceland’s capital Reykjavik is planning on cutting ties with Russia’s Moscow, and the United States government has voiced their ‘concern’ over the law.

Four Dutch tourists were arrested in Murmansk for breaking the ‘gay propaganda’ law, where after international outrage they were let go with a small monetary fine.