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Sweet dreams are made of this

Sweet dreams are made of this

A good night’s sleep is a big plus if you want to look young and refreshed, especially around the eyes.

But as the years go on, that’s not quite enough.

So that’s why we love a product that can give you a bit of a lift – which is just want Tara Walker’s Dream range does.

We’ve been using three products, one to refresh the skin around your eyes, which is particularly delicate and shows fine lines faster than anywhere else. The next to use daily on the face and neck to moisturize and nourish your skin. And the last a special rejuvenation formula to give you that add sip from the fountain of youth.

The simple, stylish packaging and space-age capsules inside promised a lot. But this serum is even better out than in – once delicately massaged into your skin you’ll feel refreshed and soothed.

Over time you should see your skin health improve – even if the wrinkles don’t disappear, dry spots will go away and you’ll look fresher.

Whether you believe that rare essential oils can improve your skin health long-term or not, that alone should be enough to give you sweet dreams.