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Sydney MP objects to ‘hateful extremists’ speaking at ‘family’ conference

Sydney MP objects to ‘hateful extremists’ speaking at ‘family’ conference

Sydney MP Alex Greenwich has written a letter to the New South Wales tourism minister asking him to ensure that the 7th World Congress of Families, being held in Sydney next month, does not include hate speech.

The ‘family values’ conference includes presentations from New Zealand anti-gay marriage campaigner Bob McCoskrie and Dr Miriam Grossman, who believes it is possible to change someone’s sexual orientation through therapy.

McCoskrie described the legalization of same-sex marriage in New Zealand as ‘cultural vandalism’ and said ‘the equality cause is not advanced by destroying institutions’.

‘We don’t want a bunch of hateful extremists coming here and spouting off their ridiculous thoughts and views on the gay and lesbian community,’ said Greenwich, reports.

The World Congress of Families was started by right-wing American academic Allan C. Carlson, who testified in Washington Supreme Court against same-sex marriage.

The conference in Sydney, from 15 to the 18 May, features sessions on ‘The Causes and Cost of Family Break-down’, ‘What Families are Best for the Economy?’, ‘The Impact on Children of Legalizing "Same-Sex Marriage"’ and ‘Defending Faith In An Age of Christophobia’.

‘We’re hoping that families will come to learn about the importance of raising children to be people of character,’ said chair of the conference organizing committee Mary-Louise Fowler.

‘If you don’t have children of character then of course they are going to be like the wind and they’ll just blow around out there in society because we can’t protect them everywhere.’