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Taipei court hears gay marriage case

Taipei court hears gay marriage case

The High Administrative Court in Taipei yesterday heard the case of a gay couple who are suing the city to have their relationship legally recognized.

The lawyer for Nelson Chen (also known as Chen Ching-Hseuh) and Kao Chih-wei is arguing that Taiwan’s civil code does not clearly state that marriage is between a man and a woman.

‘No matter what the court rules, it is the beginning of society seriously discussing the issue of gay marriage,’ said expert witness Bruce Liao, associate professor of law at National Chengchi University, Focus Taiwan reports.

The court announced that a ruling will be issued on the case on 20 December.

‘I think we will win this case. We’re optimistic,’ Chen said in an interview with Gay Star News last month.

With campaigns at the grassroots (a petition that’s aiming to gather a million signatures) and political support (the leader of the opposition Su Tseng-chang), Taiwan looks likely to become the first country in Asia to legalize gay marriage.