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High school in Taiwan allows boys to wear skirts

High school in Taiwan allows boys to wear skirts

Students at a high school in Taipei wear skirts at the school's anniversary event (Photo: Facebook)

A high school in Taiwan’s capital has become the first in the country to officially allow boys to wear skirts.

After democratic consultations and a week-long trial, Banqiao Senior High School will implement the new uniform policy in the next academic year.

A ministry of education spokesperson welcomed the decision, according to Taiwan News.

A school official reportedly said the length of skirts allowed caused more heated debate than whether they should be allowed or not.

The new guidelines state they must be no higher than 10 centimeters above the knee.

People often refer to Taiwan as the best place to be LGBTI in Asia.

In 2004, it implemented the Gender Equity Education Act which teaches LGBTI anti-discrimination and LGBTI sex education.

Taiwan in May became the first country in Asia to allow same-sex couples to marry.

School gets Presidential approval

Male students at the high school wore skirts at the school’s anniversary party in May. They wanted to break down gender stereotypes and underline personal freedom.

Photos on social media also appeared to show students and staff wearing skirts and posing with rainbow flags.

The move garnered support from the country’s president Tsai Ing-wen, who has been a vocal supporter of LGBTI rights.

‘What girls can do, boys can do too’, she said. ‘Don’t the Scots wear skirts too?’ she also asked.

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