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Taiwan legislator promises to put gay marriage bill on agenda

Taiwan legislator promises to put gay marriage bill on agenda

A Taiwanese legislator has promised to put the Marriage Equality Bill on the agenda of the upcoming parliamentary session.

Democratic Progressive Party legislator Yu Mei-nu yesterday drew lots to become co-chair of the committee that sets the agenda for the next session of the Legislative Yuan.

She told the Central News Agency, ‘I will definitely put [gay marriage on the agenda] in this session.’

Chien Tsu-chieh, secretary-general of the Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights, expressed her approval of Yu’s appointment. She said they have already been in contact with Yu and said she had the backing of civil groups should she face pressure from opposition.

The Marriage Equality Bill was introduced in October last year but after its first reading, the bill was passed to the judiciary committee where it has ‘frozen.’

Liao Cheng-ching, the other co-chair of the committee, has been held to blame. He said his constituents do not want him to put the bill on the agenda and has refused to meet with marriage equality groups.

More than 100 LGBTI and civil society groups formed the Marriage Equality Revolutionary Front to lobby parliament to move faster on the bill and protested outside parliament last week.

A larger protest is planned for October 5 when parliament re-opens.