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Taiwan LGBTI groups pull massive punch in marriage equality debate

Taiwan LGBTI groups pull massive punch in marriage equality debate

A new video has been released supporting marriage equality in Taiwan.

Taiwan could become a positive regional influence in Asia if the push to make marriage equality becomes a reality.

LGBTI organisations in Taiwan have come together to influence policy makers to amend the country’s Civil Code to allow same-sex marriage.

Taiwan is in the process of reviewing two proposals to amend the Civil Code to be voted on by all five branches of the country’s Legislative Yuan.

The Tongzhi LGBTI Hotline along with three other organisations are leading the charge to convince legislators to support marriage equality.

They have launched a fundraising campaign in conjunction with LGBTI campaign website All Out to support their lobbying efforts.

The group also released a beautiful video in support of marriage equality.

First Taiwan, next all of Asia

If Taiwan legalizes same-sex marriage it could be a great influence in Asia, accordign to Tongzhi LGBTI Hotline chairperson Wayne Lin.

‘Asian people tend to relate marriage equality or LGBTQ rights to ‘western culture,’ he told Gay Star News.

‘Taiwan’s legalizing marriage equality is important to Asia, because we can show marriage equality is common value regardless eastern or western culture.

‘Other asian countries can take Taiwan as an showcase and develop their tactics to make it happen locally.’

The under resourced Tongzhi Hotline and marriage equality supporters face strong opposition from religious groups and need all the support they can get.

‘People’s supports mean they care about minorities and their equality in Taiwan,’ Lin said.

‘Furthermore, as the opposition uses scare tactics to frighten parents that legalizing marriage equality will turn their children into LGBTQ, the fund raised can be used for media exposure of LGBTQ people’s true stories and regain people’s support.

‘We will try our best to make people, including President Tsai (Ing-wen) and legislators, to realize legalizing marriage equality through Civil Code amendment will make Taiwan a better place for everyone. ‘

Watch the video below and donate to the campaign here: