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Taiwan movie stars come out for marriage equality at ‘Chinese Oscars’

Taiwan movie stars come out for marriage equality at ‘Chinese Oscars’

Judges of Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards walk down the red carpet flying a rainbow flag (Photo: Facebook)

Stars of Taiwan’s movie industry expressed support for marriage equality in the country on Saturday (17 November) at the Golden Horse Awards.

The award ceremony in Taipei, often dubbed the Chinese-language Oscars, came a week before Taiwan heads to the polls to vote on equal marriage.

In an iconic display of support for LGBTI rights, the judges delegation walked down the red carpet flying a giant rainbow flag.

A number of stars wore rainbow pins and others referenced the upcoming vote in their speeches.

Taiwan will on Saturday (24 November) vote on whether to change its civil code to equalize marriage as between ‘people’ rather than ‘man and woman’.

Alternatively, it could choose to enact separate legislation, which has been denounced as not offering genuine equality.

It comes after the country’s Constitutional Court ruled in May 2017 that failing to recognize same-sex unions was unconstitutional. It gave parliament two years to legislate, but lawmakers have been slow to act.

Rainbows on the red carpet

At the 55th Golden Horse Awards on Saturday, Taiwan’s Minister for Culture Cheng Li-Chiun wore a V-shaped rainbow pin expressing support for the Marriage Equality Coalition.

Winner of the Best Supporting Actress Award Ding Ning also sported a rainbow pin. Ding dedicated her award to the country’s gay community in her acceptance speech.

Dear Ex, a film exploring a husband’s secret homosexual relationship, picked up three awards.

Many of the film’s cast and crew, including actor Roy Chiu, sported rainbow pins on stage.

Ding and Ben Yuen, who won best supporting actor, attended a rally in Taipei on Sunday to show support for marriage equality.