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Taiwan Pride campaign video launched

Touching 'same love' video launched for Taiwan Pride on 27 October

Taiwan Pride campaign video launched

The largest LGBT pride parade is geering up for Saturday 27 October when 50,000 people are expected to march through the streets of Taipei, Taiwan.

In the meantime the organizers have set the tone for the parade with the release of a campaign video called Love all the Same, the Same Kind of Love.

The film starts with talking heads describing their ‘partner’ without using he or she pronouns. It then follows a story following a guy’s and a girl’s relationship, implying they are in a relationship together, but then the final scene shows the guy kissing a guy and the girl kissing a girl on adjacent park benches.

The technique is inspired by the poignant marriage equality campaign video made by Get Up! in Australian, It’s Time.

The Taiwan Pride video ends with the message:

‘Hope one day we can all proudly say "I do" to our partners as we embrace and hold each other’s hands… We all have a right to love, equally.’

Gay couple Chen Ching-Hseuh (Nelson Chen) and Kao Chih-Wei are campaigning for same-sex marriage in Taiwan.

And earlier this year lesbian couple Fish Huang and her girlfriend married in a non-legally binding Buddhist ceremony.

The tenth Taiwan Pride is on Saturday 27 October, starting from Ketagalan Boulevard in Taipei City.

Watch the campaign video here:  

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