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Taiwan rejects six gay marriage registrations

Taiwan rejects six gay marriage registrations

Six Taiwanese gay couples have had their marriage registrations rejected on Saturday in the southern city of Kaohsiung.

The four gay and two lesbian couples and several LGBTI rights groups brought the required documents to register a marriage to the Household Registration Office, the Liberty Times reported.

However, staff said because of a problem with the adminstrative system only marriages between men and women could be registered.

The couples said they knew their marriages would be rejected but they will appeal the decision to bring attention to the issue.

Liang Yi-chih, the Green Party’s gay mayoral candidate who organized the stunt, said some gay couples had been together for 10 or 20 years but legally they were just an ‘other person’.

He called on the government to quickly pass the Marriage Equality Bill to give gay couples legal protection and allow them to set up families.

The bill was introduced in October last year but after its first reading, the bill was passed to the judiciary committee where it has stayed since.

Last week a legislator promised to put the legislation on the agenda of the upcoming session of parliament.

Middle school teachers Wei-wei, 30, and Miao-miao, 27, have been together nine years and have the blessing of their family and friends and the support of their principal.

Miao-miao said he belives society ‘can be changed.’

Students Li Yüeh, 20, and Ch’a Mi, 22 have been together a year and met while vounteering at an LGBTI rights group.

Li said gay and straight couple were the same in that they both wanted to get married.

Cha said without legal protection they were just ‘the most familiar of strangers.’

Wei Se-Hsüan, director of the Household Registration Office, said article 972 of the civil code defines marriage as between a man and a woman and therefore the gay marriages were rejected.

Last month 28 gay couples tried to register their marriage in Taipei.