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Taiwan to amend LGBT education law

Taiwan to amend LGBT education law

Taiwanese queue to vote in referendums (Photo: Facebook)

Taiwan’s education ministry has revised a 2004 law that promotes sexual orientation and gender identity education in the country’s schools.

Luckily, the ministry’s proposed changes this week maintain LGBT-inclusive teaching in elementary and middle schools.

In November last year, more than six million people voted against the LGBTI-inclusive Gender Equity Education Act.

On the same day, voters also opted against changing the Civil Code to grant marriage equality.

The ministry will rename the ‘gay education’ section as ‘sexual orientation education’.

What’s more, the draft elaborates on what sexual orientation and gender identity education, taking into account the referendum results.

But, according to LGBTI activists, the content of the law remains unchanged.

Pro-LGBT group, the Gender Equity Education Coalition, encouraged the ministry to continue its support for the inclusive curriculum.

Chun Yen Lin, Project Manager of the Coalition, told Gay Star News they welcomed the ministry’s proposed amendments.

The Gender Equity Education Coalition announced this week it would organize a petition and activate civil groups to protect LGBT education.

They said the referendum result did not mean LGBT education should be scrapped.

New draft

The new draft will suggest curriculums include cover: ’emotional education, sex education, awareness and respect for gender, gender characteristics, gender traits, gender identity, sexual orientation education and sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual bullying prevention’.

It aims ‘to enhance students’ awareness of gender equality’.

The act previously stated gender equity education curricula should cover ‘effective education, sex education, and gay and lesbian education’.

After last year’s disastrous referendum, Education Minister Yeh Jiunn-rong said Taiwan would continue to implement gender equality education in elementary and middle schools but may revise the content in line with the referendum results.

Last year’s referendum results were a massive blow for LGBTI people. But, people have long referred to Taiwan as a ‘beacon of liberalism’ or ‘the best place to be gay in Asia’ .

Taiwan holds the region’s largest LGBTI pride parade. Last year, more than 130,000 attended.

One factor in Taiwan’s largely pro-LGBTI stance is a curriculum teaching gender and sexuality diversity in schools introduced in 2004.

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