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Taiwan to hold its first indigenous queer festival

Taiwan to hold its first indigenous queer festival

Indigenous singer songwriter Suming Rupi will perform at Adju Festival (Photo: Facebook)

Taiwan will hold its first indigenous LGBTI festival on Saturday (15 December).

The Adju Festival, held in Pingtung County in southern Taiwan, will feature performances, a fair, and workshops.

The event is organized by advocacy group Colorful Wi.

Indigenous LGBTI artists, including Suming Rupi, will perform at the event.

‘We organized this pride festival to let more people know about our community’ organizer Mavaliw told Gay Star News.

Adju refers to a relationship between two women in local language Paiwanese. It has, therefore, become a pronoun used among queer indigenous communities.

Mavilaw said: ‘We also want all Adju to gather together and realize they are not alone.’

Actress Hsieh Ying-hsuan, who appeared in 2018’s hit queer movie Dear Ex, will also attend.

Hsieh was among a number of Taiwan movie stars to come out for LGBTI equality at this year’s Golden Horse Awards.

There are at least 530,000 indigenous, or aboriginal, people living in Taiwan. That’s about 2.3 per cent of the population.

Taiwan’s shaken LGBTI community

Taiwan’s LGBTI community is reeling from a damaging referendum last month. The island nation voted against changing the Civil Code to recognize same-sex marriage.

The country will, instead, create separate legislation. LGBTI advocates, however, denounced the law as failing to provide genuine equality.

Calls to an LGBTI hotline jumped after the referendum.

Organizers hope Adju Festival can educate indigenous communities about different sexualities and gender identities, according Taiwan News.

Last month, Taiwan held its inaugural aboriginal drag beauty pageant in the capital, Taipei.

Drag artiste Rose Mary was crowned Miss First Nation Taiwan.

‘I did something I considered controversial, combining my aboriginal culture with drag’ Rose Mary wrote on Facebook.
‘Something inside of me changed after I finished my traditional Atayal singing’ Rose Mary said.