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This is the sad reason why one Taiwanese same-sex couple divorced, weeks after marrying

This is the sad reason why one Taiwanese same-sex couple divorced, weeks after marrying

Gay couple with wedding rings

A same-sex Taiwanese couple filed for a divorce, just weeks after marrying.

On 17 May, Taiwan’s parliament voted to legalize same-sex marriage. The country’s president then signed the bill on 22 May and it took effect just two days later.

The first same-sex marriages began rolling in that same day, with 774 couples tying the knot in Taiwan by the end of the month.

There are a total of 19 same-sex couples who married in Taiwan’s Pingtung County (population 839,000). But one of those couples — who tied the knot just days after marriage equality became legal — has now filed for divorce.

The reason, according to the county government’s Department of Civil Affairs, is due to disapproving parents.

The couple divorced due to ‘family pressures, as they did not obtain the consent of their parents,’ Taiwan News reported.

It is believed they they are the first same-sex Taiwanese couple to divorce.

Same-sex Taiwanese wedding banquet

At the end of last month, Taiwan hosted its first ever mass same-sex wedding banquet.

The banquet took place in capital city, Taipei, on 25 May. Around 20 same-sex couples tied the knot at the occasion.

They were joined by over 1,000 people who also attended the banquet – both to show their support for marriage equality and to cheer on the happy couples.

The banquet included live music, stage shows, and a drag act. Venue space filled up quickly.

Taiwan is widely considered to be the most LGBTI-friendly country in Asia.

A record 137,000 people attend Taiwan LGBT Pride in October last year.

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