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Taiwanese gay couple drop legal fight

Taiwanese gay couple drop legal fight

The gay couple in Taiwan who were suing Taipei city government for not recognizing their marriage confirmed yesterday that they are dropping their case.

After warning last week that he was considering giving up his legal fight for same-sex marriage rights, Nelson Chen (Chen Ching-hsueh) announced at a press conference yesterday that he had ‘lost his faith in the judiciary’.

The High Administrative Court in Taipei heard Chen’s case in November, but delayed a ruling until 20 December, when the ruling was delayed again.

Chen also said that he had received threatening messages on Facebook.

‘We are ready but we don’t think society is ready yet,’ Chen said as reported by Asia One.

‘We should fight against discrimination and pursue equal treatment as society remains discriminating against gay couples.’

The campaign for gay marriage in Taiwan continues from advocacy group Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights.

And opposition leader Su Tseng-Chang has said that he supports marriage rights for gay couples.  

‘I believe it’s a basic right,’ said Chen in an interview with Gay Star News last October. ‘We pay taxes like everybody else so we should be able to get married like everybody else.’