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Take the perfect ‘gaycation’ at an LGBT homestay

Take the perfect ‘gaycation’ at an LGBT homestay

While it’s sweet that ‘straight’ hotels are making the effort to look after their gay guests, many still remain woefully clueless on what really makes a queer traveller tick.

Thankfully, now you can bed down in accomodation where the staff will not only point you to the nearest gay club, but also know Madonna’s back catalogue better than the Material Girl herself.

Gay Homestays offers rooms in the homes of LGBT hosts around the world, not only protecting visitors from homophobic discrimination but also goving tourists the inside edge on what’s in or out on the city’s happening gay scene.

Gay Homestays founder Dave Chamber lived in Barcelona between 2006 and 2010 where he set up a small B&B. His idea for Gay Homestays came from having discussions with his guests who had become disillusioned with over-priced and impersonal hotels.

He said: ‘Quite often gay friendly straight hotels haven’t had the training and as a consequence could be inadvertently homophobic. They don’t quite understand the issues affecting the gay community.

‘When you arrive at the home of a host who is gay they will let you know where the gay bars are etc. because they have that knowledge that perhaps straight hotels won’t have.’

Gay Homestays offer over 2,000 accommodations in over 250 cities worldwide, from London to Barcelona, New York to Sydney and Rio de Janeiro to Phuket, some from as little as €30 a night.

Nearly all hosts identify themselves as LGBT but some are LGBT-friendly as well and all not only welcome like-minded travellers but also open-minded and straight people too.

To find out more, visit their website here or check out the video below: