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Major company Tampax releases their very first menstrual cup for periods

Major company Tampax releases their very first menstrual cup for periods

Menstrual cup

The first major, brand-name company just announced the release of their own menstrual cups.

Tampax, a brand synonymous with tampons and women’s periods, announced their own menstrual cups last week. Dr. Earle Haas invented the tampon with an applicator, as well as the company Tampax in 1931.

The menstrual cup, a reusable feminine hygiene product made of rubber and silicone, came around at the same time.

Leona W. Chalmers applied for a patent for one in 1935, but the product went through highs and lows over the decades. In the past several years, it has become a more popular product amongst women with periods.

There are numerous benefits of menstrual cups — they’re better for the environment, can last for several years, and they’re safer for women.

‘For years, I’ve heard from my patients about how they want to try menstrual cups, but the options available just didn’t meet their needs,’ said Dr. Megan Kessler, practicing OBGYN and collaborator on the Tampax Cup in a statement.

Tampax is aiming for their cups, compared to companies likw DivaCup and Lunette, to be more affordable and comfortable for women.

Capitalism or charity?

Some people criticized Tampax for simply capitalizing on other companies’ work.

‘For so long, these large corporations have played a role in the hush-hush shame around periods,’ said Nicole Jardim, a women’s health and functional nutrition coach.

Only now, when the demand is tried and true, are companies like Tampax providing new options.

Others, however, don’t see this as a bad thing.

Erica Chidi Cohen, a menstrual coach and founder and CEO of LOOM, a sexual health education organization, commented: ‘It’s just a reminder that the more we start to purchase products that are not necessarily offered by these larger companies, they’re going to get the message and start producing them…This is the hope.’

Healthcare is a major concern for people, especially women and those in the LGBTI community. It is also not only cis women who get periods, and these matters are also important to consider from trans people’s perspectives.

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