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Tan France: ‘If I were Caucasian, coming out would have been easier’

Tan France: ‘If I were Caucasian, coming out would have been easier’

Tan France

Queer Eye’s fashion expert Tan France got real about being a gay person of color in a new interview.

While speaking with the ShortList, France spoke about a variety of subjects, including racism and living in Utah.

France was born and raised in England to Pakistani parents. He now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his husband, Rob France.

In the interview, he calls Salt Like City ‘one of the whitest states in the US’ and therefore ‘a little backwards’. Despite this, he loves it.

‘It’s my favourite place on Earth. The people are really good people – they’re very sweet – and I get to represent so many versions of myself,’ he said.

‘That helps me push an agenda a little and spread the word. They get to meet a brown person and I can address misconceptions about the LGBTQ community.’

Navigating multiple identities

On the subject of being gay, a person of color, and Muslim, France believes coming out would have been easier if he were white.

‘I have to battle so many issues, and the biggest is racism,’ he eplained.

His inclusion on Queer Eye can help people of color in the LGBTI community who don’t always have the same privileges as white people.

‘Being ‘out and proud’ can feel like a real luxury of Western culture, where people are often white and see existing white gay people in their culture,’ he said.

‘They see themselves reflected, so they feel a sense of acceptance. That’s a kind of privilege people don’t know they possess.’

Ultimately, France doesn’t believe there’s any ‘right’ way to be gay or come out, and wants people to see him fully.

‘My sexuality and being a person of colour are both secondary to who I am as a person. I want people to understand way more about me than the fact I like to sleep with my husband.’

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