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A Tasmanian museum tried to name their hotel HoMo and people weren’t happy

A Tasmanian museum tried to name their hotel HoMo and people weren’t happy

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The Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) changed the name of their upcoming 5 star hotel because people were not happy with it.

They tried to name the hotel HoMo.

Mona founder David Walsh claimed the name was ‘celebratory’ and he was trying to keep the ‘homophobes at bay’ from the $400 million luxury hotel in Hobart. The name is short for Hotel Mona.

After some consultation, Walsh decided that, as someone who is not gay, it wasn’t his joke to make.

The atrium | Photo: Mona

He told ABC: ‘We hoped the name would keep the homophobes at bay… [but] it was decided that it wasn’t [our] joke to make.

‘It turned out that I didn’t really have the right to call something HoMo when I’m not gay, and it offended a few people because I guess I was being culturally insensitive.

‘The people that didn’t like it, really didn’t like it, and that matters to me.’

The library | Photo: Mona

Instead, they’ve decided to call the hotel Motel. However, the creative namer is up for some suggestions, if you’ve got any other gay puns in mind…

He added: ‘So Motown it is. Unless I change my mind in the next few years, or Dallas comes up with a better idea.’

Developers said in official plans to Glenorchy Council that they hope the project is completed by 2024.

The extension of the museum features a theater, spa, outdoor concert area and a library. Access to the hotel is mainly via water on Venice-style ferries. However, you can still access a boardwalk to the main road.

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