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Taxi driver arrested for attacking gay couple in Vienna who kissed in his cab

Taxi driver arrested for attacking gay couple in Vienna who kissed in his cab

A taxi driver in Austria has been charged with assault after he threw a gay couple out of his cab for kissing and then called the police on them.

The two men, aged 37 and 27, had hailed the cab in the early hours of the morning after spending an evening together in a bar in Vienna’s Third District.

The taxi was passing by the city’s Schonbrunn Palance when they exchanged a short romantic kiss – but this incensed their driver who began to verbally abuse them.

According to The Local the driver told the couple, ‘I don’t want anything gay like that in my car.’

‘He was using foul language and calling us assholes,’ the 37-year-old said.

The driver stopped his cab and demanded they pay the fare for the distance they had already traveled and then ordered them out of his cab.

When they refused to be dumped in the street the driver called the police, believing the law was on his side.

When the couple told him they weren’t going anywhere and that he needed to be more open minded he allegedly shouted, ‘people like you need to be shot!’

He then punched the 27-year-old in the face and continued to abuse and attack the couple until the police arrived.

Police arrested the driver and have opened an assault investigation against him.

Austria still has poor anti-discrimination protections for LGBTI people in the provision of goods and services compared to many of its Western and Northern neighbors and several Constitutional Court rulings have found that equal protection clauses in the Austrian Constitution do not cover sexual orientation.