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Taxi driver suspended after kicking out passenger for being gay

Taxi driver suspended after kicking out passenger for being gay

New York taxi driver

A New York taxi driver kicked out a passenger for being gay, then got suspended for it.

Yellow cab driver Martin Morrison picked up two passengers – a man and a woman – on the corner of Fifth Avenue and East 43rd Street in Manhattan, just after midnight 13 June.

But at the start of the journey, Morrison turned around to ask the man if he was gay. When the unidentified man confirmed his sexuality, the taxi driver said he doesn’t drive gay people.

He then crossed the intersection abruptly and let out the passengers, who had to get another taxi.

The city’s Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings  confirmed Morrison violated three Taxi and Limousine Commission rules. They were unjustified refusal of service, discourtesy and performing an act against the best interest of the public.

TLC Commissioner Meera Joshi said: ‘The individual’s behavior in this instance was inappropriate and wholly unacceptable, and the penalties are appropriately severe,’ reports the New York Post.

Morrison tried to argue it was all a misunderstanding, but judges didn’t find his story plausible.

They then handed down a 10-day suspension and a $1,150 (€1,009 £911) fine.

NYC gay couple hurt in Uber scuffle

Last month, a New York City gay couple claimed an Uber driver became angry after they hugged their friend goodbye.

Taray Carey and Alex Majkowski caught an Uber on Tuesday (27 November) night, along with their friend.

Carey took to Facebook to explain: ‘My friend jumped out when we got to a red light.

‘I tried to step out, and he gunned it while my husband was still in the back seat,’ he said.

Carey alleged the man saw the friends hugging and then went on a rant about being gay. ‘He’s telling us in his country we would be beheaded and left for dead,’ Carey said.

The driver also allegedly called the NYC gay couple ‘faggots’.

Carey was trying to exit the vehicle, when the Uber driver started driving off. The incident left him with scrapes on his knee and knuckles.

NYC gay couple
NYC gay couple. | Photo: Taray Carey / Facebook

Police responded to the incident. The police report labeled the incident as a vehicle leaving the scene of an accident.

But Uber confirmed it removed the driver in question from its app.

A spokesperson told News 4: ‘What’s been reported is very concerning to us and Uber does not tolerate any form of discrimination.’

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