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Teacher suspended for giving out LGBTI leaflets that ‘save lives’

Teacher suspended for giving out LGBTI leaflets that ‘save lives’

Trans leaflet leads to New York teacher being suspended

A school teacher is left suspended with pay after parents complain about an LGBTI leaflet being handed out at a US school.

The Cambridge Central School in New York was holding two days of presentations from the Pride Center of the Capital Region. Further presentations have now been canceled, the Post Star reports.

Speaking about the decision Superintendent Vince Canini says, ‘the parents have concerns, and they are mine as well.’

He says the school district is now investigating whether the teacher ‘reviews’ leaflets before students get them. Adding: ‘We have never had this issue before. We may have to make some policy changes because of it.’

The leaflet simply explains terms like homophobia, being an ally, intersex, pansexual, bisexual, cisgender and what gender non-conforming is.

One of the parents Sirell Fiel took to Facebook Live to read out and take issue with the leaflets.

He says his seventh-grade son brought them home. Calling the content ‘inappropriate’ for students ‘in the seventh or even 10th grade’.

He elaborates: ‘I have no problem with the school talking about diversity. Gay kids are out there, and the kids need to know about it. But the problem I have is that it went so in-depth. That’s too much for 11- and 12-year-olds.’

Pride Center responds

Martha Harvey, CEO of the Pride Center of the Capital Region, says she is not aware of previous objections from schools or parents to their presentation in the 12 years they’ve been delivering it.

Moreover, Harvey believes the information they give out in classes can literally ‘save lives.’

Adding: ‘If you love your kids, then you want them to have the most information possible. If a parent has a problem with this presentation, that’s the parent’s problem.’

The school district sent a letter to parents available on the district website.

It says the speaker was ‘uninvited’ and the teacher is on administrative leave.

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