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Teacher who said 'gays don't have a purpose' gets a rebuttal

LGBT groups in Indiana launched a 'You Have a Purpose' Facebook page as a response to the special-ed teacher who made homophobic remarks this week

Teacher who said 'gays don't have a purpose' gets a rebuttal

Gay rights groups launched an empowerment campaign in response to the Indiana teacher who said ‘gays don’t have a purpose’.

Special-ed teacher Diana Medley said earlier this week that she doesn’t agree with homosexuality. She was speaking on behalf of a group who wanted to host a ‘traditional’ prom at Indiana’s Sullivan High School that wouldn’t allow gay and lesbian students.

To continue encouraging LGBT youth in Indiana and abroad, a Facebook page titled ‘You have a purpose’ has been created where supporters can post videos with a positive and uplifting message.

Annette Gross, coordinator for Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) compared the new web page to Dan Savage’s ‘It Gets Better’ campaign.

Gross said in an interview: ‘We just want to focus on the positive, letting them (gay teens) know that they do have a purpose and there are people out there that care about them’.

The web page will not allow videos about Medley’s comments or the ‘traditional’ prom dispute.

Gross said: ‘This is about the kids. This isn’t about her’.

The Facebook page, set up by the Interfaith Coalition on Non-discrimination, Indiana PFLAG, Indiana Equality Action and Fairtalk, is open to the public.

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