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Ted Cruz announces endorsements of more than 30 key Ohio leaders, many of them anti-LGBTI

Ted Cruz announces endorsements of more than 30 key Ohio leaders, many of them anti-LGBTI

In the lead-up to the Republican nomination, United States Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has announced the endorsements of more than 30 key Ohio leaders today – many of them known to be anti-LGBTI.

In a statement released on Cruz’s official campaign website yesterday, the candidate said that he is ‘thrilled’ that these endorsements came from ‘courageous conservatives from all across the Buckeye State’, including ‘clergy, elected officials, and activists representing thousands of Ohio voters’.

One of these endorsements came from Phil Burress, Chairman of Citizens of Community Values Action (CCV Action) and a supporter of the state’s initiative to ‘protect natural marriage’.

‘Ted Cruz has a consistent track record of supporting pro-family values,’ said Burress.

He added: ‘He is the leader we need to defend and protect our God-given rights.’

President of Cleveland Right to Life, Inc., Molly Smith – also known for her anti-LGBTI views – was another figure who endorsed Cruz.

‘Our choice to endorse Ted Cruz for President was based on a number of factors: his strong and committed pro-life and pro-family stances on policy issues, outstanding judicial record, and ability to be successful in his campaign,’ said Smith.

She added: ‘We need legislators who believe in the fundamental right to life from the moment of conception, as well as the centrality of the natural family as a fundamental foundation for society.’

Besides Burress, Smith, and both their organizations, the Cruz camp has also received many other endorsements from others such as Ohio Conservatives United, President of Ohio ProLife Action Linda Theis, Bobbi Radeck and Crystal Gurry from Concerned Women for America as well as board member of Family First, Joseph Platt Esq.

One endorsement that is causing huge concern is that of Linda Harvey, founder of Mission: America.

Founder of Mission: America, Linda Harvey
Founder of Mission: America, Linda Harvey

The founder of the listed anti-LGBTI hate group and well-known homophobe has previously attempted to persuade parents to try to ‘cure’ their LGBTI children via authoring a book ‘Maybe He’s Not Gay: Another View on Homosexuality’, in 2014. In the book, she talked about ignoring children if they are gay, removing children from school, cutting off their social contacts and isolating them in a Christian camp as ways to ‘cure’ them.

Harvey has also made several other claims, such as homeless LGBTI teens have only themselves to blame as well as that gay rights ‘cost not just jobs, but lives’. She has also suggested that LGBTIs should stay in the closet and their ‘lifestyle’ can be transformed through prayer. Last year, she also suggested that anti-gay Christians should segregate themselves from the rest of America.

Cruz has had a history of anti-LGBTI efforts. Since coming into the spotlight as a Republican presidential candidate, Cruz has sponsored a rally for activists who consider LGBTIs as part of Satan, slammed fellow GOP rival Donald Trump for the latter’s support of gay troops and pulled a campaign ad after the star was revealed to have appeared in lesbian porn films. Cruz has also made a vow to fight marriage equality – his latest move prior to this endorsement was an invitation to anti-LGBTI extremist Bryan Fischer to speak at his Mississippi rallies.