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Ted Cruz lampooned by YouTube star Randy Rainbow

Ted Cruz lampooned by YouTube star Randy Rainbow

Anti-gay, anti-trans US Senator Ted Cruz ended his run for the White House on 4 May 2016

Ted Cruz. Say the name more than once and you’ll start compulsively cursing. The US senator, with the rabidly anti-gay and  anti-trans political agenda, ended his run for the White House. Although he won the first race in the Republican primary (Iowa), voters preferred businessman, and reality star, Donald Trump.

The senator from Texas is so toxic fellow Republican, and former House Speaker, John Boehner  called Cruz ‘Lucifer in the flesh.’

‘I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life,’ Boehner continued, according to The Atlantic.

Can’t win the GOP White House nomination if fellow politicians think you’re Satan.

YouTube funnyman Randy Rainbow has followed the election with his usual  witty zeal. When each candidate left the field, Rainbow released a parody called GOP Dropout, based on the musical Grease.

Rainbow has his way with Cruz, scoffing at everything about the lousy candidate.  Send the video to all your Facebook friends certain Cruz is the only candidate who cares about the Constitution. Show it to all evangelicals (Franklin Graham, for example). They have the sadz about their man not being well liked.