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Ted Cruz sponsors rally for activists who consider gays part of Satan

Ted Cruz sponsors rally for activists who consider gays part of Satan

Ted Cruz has vowed to discriminate against LGBTI people

US Senator Ted Cruz is sponsoring a rally featuring religious activists who see the LGBTI community influenced by Satan. The event is called the Rally for Religious Liberty in Greenville, South Carolina.

As reported by Right Wing Watch, the rally is held today, 14 November, on the campus of Bob Jones University. The Republican presidential candidate will be joined by Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council. Over the years, Perkins as referred to LGBTI activists as ‘pawns’ of the devil.

Kevin Swanson, a pastor who has called for the death of gays and lesbians, will also be joining Cruz. Last week,the Texas senator participated in a Iowa conference held by Swanson. In his speech, the pastor called for the US to repent because of the sexuality of Dumbledore, a fictional character in the Harry Potter series. This past summer, as Right Wing Watch notes, Swanson insisted ‘the homosexual borg, is the power in the principality of the demonic world itself.’

EW Jackson is also part of today’s rally. In a 2012 interview , the Virginia activist called LGBTI people ‘spiritually darkened.’

‘Their minds are perverted, they’re frankly very sick people psychologically, mentally and emotionally,’ he continued.

Bob Jones University is a perfect setting for Cruz’s campaign stop. In the 1970s and 1980s the school used the Bible as justification for its racially discriminatory policies (the school banned interracial dating). Although founded in 1927, black students were not admitted until 1971.

In 2000 the university’s third president, Bob Jones III, called Catholicism and Mormonism ‘cults which call themselves Christian.’