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Teen DJ says Obama ‘makes kids gay’

Teen DJ says Obama ‘makes kids gay’

A 14-year-old DJ from the US has sparked outrage after claiming President Barack Obama ‘makes kids gay’.

Caiden Cowger, who hosts his own internet radio show in West Virginia, told listeners that ‘homosexuality is a belief’ and that gay people are ‘not born that way’.

He added that Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are ‘making kids gay’.

‘They are encouraging kids to think, "Well, you know what? They’re talking about being a homosexual and they’re saying there’s nothing wrong with being gay, so you know what, I think I might try that out for a little bit." That is what’s going on!’

During the hate-filled four minute rant, Cowger calls homosexuality ‘immoral’, saying he is ‘sickened’ by it.

The teenager describes himself as a Pentecostal Christian on his Facebook page and says he objects to not being able to convert people who are following a ‘perverted belief’.

Furious listeners have hit out at the youngster on Twitter, with @Lesliee_Loves_U posting: ‘Caiden Cowger makes me want to punch random people in the face. Sweet goodness that boy is like a swimming pool of ignorance.’

While @MrJayJayRose tweeted: ‘Just when I thought my generation was changing things, excepting people for who they are the next gen like Caiden Cowger proves me wrong…’

A YouTube video of the broadcast was recently removed, but Cowger claimed on his Facebook page today that it was because his account was hacked into.

After reposting it, outraged critics refused to back down, leaving furious comments below the clip.

One user, with handle Hamtaroisnotdead, said: ‘What a ridiculous video…Not only the content, but also the kid…Trying to speak like a politician at only 14!

‘Why don’t be a simple 14-year-old hanging out with your friend?! Why can’t people live happy and accept other people ? Always creating problem.’

Other people complained that his video was ‘hate speech’.

‘Most gay people are harmless but they are really getting tired of all the lies and proclaimations of what they think God wants,’ wrote 3filbert.

‘God created all men and women to be equal, full stop.’

Barack Obama was the first sitting president to publicly endorse same-sex marriage and received praise from the international community for his historic decision.

However, there remains ongoing opposition from religious leaders and conservative political groups both in the US and abroad.