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WATCH: Teen defiantly wears a dress in short film about gender stereotypes

Ella Fields made the film for school

WATCH: Teen defiantly wears a dress in short film about gender stereotypes
Stereo short film

What if we lived in a world where it was common, even expected, for boys to wear dresses? Meanwhile, girls don’t do theater, they try out for the football team. That’s exactly what the short film Stereo explores about gender stereotypes.

14-year-old Ella Fields made the film in the Cinematic Arts Academy at Millikan Middle School in Los Angeles last year.

The film first hit YouTube in May and is now starting to garner major attention. It boasts over 1.6 million views so far.

‘One of the first things that popped into my head was gender stereotypes,’ Fields told the Huffington Post. Her assignment required doing something she was passionate about.

‘I truly believe that anyone can wear whatever they want, and [how] colors should not have any gender associated with them; they are just colors.’

Her ultimate goal was to show that ‘stereotypes are meaningless’.

The film does an excellent job of that. By presenting a world in stark contrast to our own when it comes to stereotypes, it forces us to examine our own reality.

In the short, Fields’ mother yells at her for watching a YouTube video about Broadway’s ‘first female performer’. Fields also wistfully gazes at a dress in the boy’s clothing section of a local store. She gets ridiculed at school for paining her nails.

It’s a clever, eye-opening film.

Watch short film Stereo:

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