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Lesbian teenager beaten in vicious gang attack led by ex girlfriend

Lesbian teenager beaten in vicious gang attack led by ex girlfriend

Aimee Purdy

An English teenager has lured her former partner into a brutal gang attack, a Manchester court has heard.

Simone McDermott asked her ex Aimee Purdy to come over to her flat in Crumpsall, Manchester on 3 January. Dermott told Purdy she had been ‘crying most of the night on her own’ to lure her into her accommodation.

When Purdy arrived at her ex-partner’s apartment, she was attacked by McDermott and her friends Melissa Marriott, Siobhan Wait, and Victoria Houghton.

They all began throwing punches and kicks as Purdy curled up into a ball on the floor. One of the offenders recorded a two-minute video of the attack.

The video recording the attack

In the clip played at Manchester Crown Court today (1 April), one of the attackers shouted ‘’Give her here – I’ll have a go’. Another threatens ‘I’m gonna break your face’ as Purdy begged for mercy.

McDermott and her friends admitted assault with intent to rob.

Defence lawyer Erimnaz Mushtaq explained her client lured Purdy to her apartment to retrieve some intimate pictures of herself she believed were on Purdy’s phone.

Doctors found footprints on the victim’s forehead

The court also heard McDermott had been in a relationship with Purdy, but began an affair with Marriott while the victim was on holiday in Spain.

Miss Purdy sustained minor injuries on her head and body. She also underwent a Ct scan in hospital after doctors found a footprint on her forehead.

‘I had a lot of pain with my injuries and I was unable to leave my room for two to three weeks – when I did go out I had to have someone with me,’ Purdy said in a statement.

‘I’ve started getting shopping delivered to my house and I feel unsure going to the shops as I might bump into Simone McDermott and her friends.

‘I didn’t think they were sorry for what they did.’

At the end of the beating, the attackers threw Purdy out of the front door.

Purdy then hid down a side street and called the police. The four girls were arrested an hour later by officers upon discovering the footage on Houghton’s phone.

The girls will be sentenced at a later date.

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