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Teens threaten Gay-Straight Alliance: ‘They wanted to light us on fire’

Teens threaten Gay-Straight Alliance: ‘They wanted to light us on fire’

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The Gay-Straight Alliance in a Canadian school has been subjected to abuse and threats, according to its members.

Two students from Botwood High School, in Newfoundland, say since starting the club at the beginning of the school year (2018), the harassment has allegedly escalated. This ranges from defacing posters to physical threats.

Talking to CBC News, Grade 11 student Ashley Hoskins claimed: ‘They were saying they wanted people to die. They wanted to throw us in a box, light us on fire and throw us out in the river.’

The two students even told the news site that the school has descended into a ‘civil war’. Many students were allegedly taking time off school because of the threats.

The threats started on social media, according to the students, before moving onto verbal. The posters for the Gay-Straight Alliance have been torn down. Another was defaced with a ‘Straight Pride’ flag.

The school district has released a statement

A gay-straight alliance is a student or community-based organization intended to create a safe and supportive space for LGBTI youth in the US and Canada.

Student Daniel Peckford, in Grade 10, who founded the school’s Alliance, said some were defaced with ‘gays are not welcome in our school, they’re stupid, they shouldn’t be allowed’. He also suggested the backlash was because some straight students felt ‘straight people don’t feel included anymore’.

Newfoundland and Labrador’s English School District said in the statement that they were dealing with the problem.

Heather May, a spokesperson for the district, told CBC: ‘The response has, to date, included the imposition of school-based discipline – the details of which we are not at liberty to disclose.

‘The administration is very supportive of the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) and has also met with the group and reconfirmed its support for these students.’

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