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Tennessee law makers introduced a dozen anti-LGBTI bills and it’s only March

Tennessee law makers introduced a dozen anti-LGBTI bills and it’s only March

Tennessee State Capital building in Nashville

The US state of Tennessee has already seen 12 anti-LGBTI bills introduced by law-makers, NBC News reported today (5 March).

The bills range from anti-trans bathroom bills to allowing government contractors to discriminate against LGBTI people.

The main anti-trans legislation focuses on restrooms, locker rooms, and similar areas.

Yet, the current proposed law would make such areas a potential indecent exposure violation for trans people.

Making trans a ‘crime’

Said measure, HB 1151 and SB 1297, would expand the indecent exposure statutes to include ‘if the offender is a member of the opposite sex than the sex designated for use.’

The bill specifically mentioned ‘gender dysphoria’ as not a valid defence.

The American Civil Liberties Commission of Tennessee’s executive director, Hedy Weinberg told Bustle that the law makes being trans a ‘crime.’

Weinberg added: ‘This mean-spirited law won’t make anyone safer and may in fact make it more likely that transgender people will face harassment and discrimination.’

What about the other bills?

Another bill, to be heard by the Commerce Committee on today, would allow government contractors to discriminate LGBTI people.

Other bills introduced include one that would roll back marriage equality in the state.

Another few bills aimed to make it easier for adoption agencies to discriminate LGBTI people.

Not the only state 

Tennessee is not the only US state introducing anti-LGBTI laws.

Last month, Kansas law-makers attempted a bill that would dub same-sex marriage as a ‘parody marriage.’

Moreover, another bill would establish heterosexual marriage as an ‘elevated marriage’ option for those couples who seek a ‘higher standard of commitment.’