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Tennis fans complain after hearing ‘gay points’ at Wimbledon

Tennis fans complain after hearing ‘gay points’ at Wimbledon

Wimbledon fans are complaining after mistakenly hearing a commentator saying ‘gay points’ today (5 July). 

Retired tennis professional and current television presenter Andrew Castle was covering the match between David Ferrer and Andy Murray, and is being accused of homophobic comments by viewers. 

After Murray returned a ball into the net, Castle said Ferrer had delivered ‘three manly points’, and there were now ‘a couple of game points, with just a little bit of moisture in the air’. 

Castle’s pronounciation has sparked an outrage amongst Wimbledon viewers online.

One fan tweeted: ‘WTF is Andrew Castle talking about? ‘A couple of manly points, followed by some gay points’ – on #Wimbledon commentary!??!’

Other complaints have branded the comment ‘an outrageous example of hate speech’.

What Castle actually meant was to say Ferrer was in a position to enjoy ‘two game points’ where a single shot could have won him the match. 

Murray eventually won the quarter-finals match against Ferrer after nearly four hours of play.

This is not the first time this year commentators have been misheard and outraged the fans.

At the 30 June match between Ferrer and Andy Roddick, commentator David Mercer reportedly commented: ‘You little bastard!’ at the ball when it skimmed the net.

As the last word was hidden by the crowd applauding, Mercer actually said: ‘You little rascal!’ 

British viewers can hear the moment for themselves by watching BBC IPlayer’s coverage at 3 hours, 18 minutes and 45 seconds.