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TERFs protested LGBTI conference by carrying gory post-surgery images

TERFs protested LGBTI conference by carrying gory post-surgery images

TERFs protesting in London

One year after Pride in London 2018, when the annual parade was temporarily interrupted by TERFs, anti-trans protestors are continuing to spread hate.

TERFs protested outside the annual Stonewall Children and Young People Conference by carrying gory post-surgery images today (5 July).

The UK’s leading conference on LGBT inclusion in primary schools, secondary schools, services, colleges and youth groups took place in Waterloo, London.

TERFs protesting in London

Clashing with the positive atmosphere of inclusion at the conference, trans-exclusionary protestors gathered carrying ‘transition erases lesbians’ banners.

‘The bodily integrity/autonomy movement has rightly condemned anti-choice protesters for their use of shock graphics and gore to forward their message to the general public,’ a Twitter user pointed out in a thread.

‘Be under no illusion – anti-trans campaigners in the UK have learned from the best and are doing the same,’ they wrote. They also included pictures of the protestors.


‘This is brazen, this is abhorrent, and this is happening because it works with certain groups. But also, it’s a slipping of the mask; anti-choice campaigners and anti-trans campaigners have the same tactics because they have enormous overlap in their communities,’ they also wrote.

‘Btw, I have censored the images above, because showing surgery aftercare photos without asking is not OK on the street, not online. This is as abusive when it’s about trans healthcare as it is about abortion. Its intent is to shock and scare people off based on disgust,’ they then added.

Anti-trans protestors are like anti-abortionists

They then made a crucial point by comparing anti-trans protestors to anti-choice ones.

‘This sort of gobshite behaviour has been going on for some time but this graphic, public display is a new development. Similarly to abortion rights, this sort of thing hurts *everyone*’s bodily autonomy. This puts decision making into a context of heightened fear,’ they wrote.

‘Deluded dozen of alt-feminists’

‘Protests today as I went into the stonewall young people’s conference. Was so proud to be walking in the other direction,’ another Twitter user wrote.

Someone posted a video of the protest.

‘I am cringing so hard! A t.e.r.f.protest planned outside a Stonewall Education Conference, they have been banging on about for weeks…. has the same number of people, and actually the same people, as the rest of their embarrassing stunts,’ they captioned the video.

In the clip, an anti-trans protestor is yelling into a megaphone, complaining about surgeons profiting off little girls’ gender dysphoria.

Protesting Stonewall

One of the protestors shared a shot of the horrible banners displayed outside the conference.

‘Protesting Stonewall in schools conference today and the Kiss My Genders exhibition (sexually explicit and open to children). Lesbian grassroots activism alive and well,’ they wrote.

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