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Texas city could implement anti-discrimination ordinance for LGBTI employees

Texas city could implement anti-discrimination ordinance for LGBTI employees

The Texas GOP approves a party platform that implies half of the state's residents are gay

City officials in Carrollton, North-East Texas, are considering an anti-LGBTI discrimination ordinance.

The act is designed to protect city employees, contractors, and political appointees from discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

‘The fact that they’re even considering putting this in — 15 years ago, it would have been unheard of,’ said Bob McCranie, a real estate agent and LGBTI political activist.

The move comes after a committee’s review of the city charter, which was recommended to be updated to be more inclusive.

The committee proposed updating the language used in the charter to include protections for sexual orientation, gender identity, age, and pregnancy, Dallas News reports.

A suburb of Dallas, Carrollton is the state’s 23rd most populous city with a population of just under 120,000.

Still work to be done

The move is another sign that Texans are becoming steadily more accepting of LGBTI rights.

In August 2017, Republican legislatures failed to pass a measure which would have restricted bathroom from use by trans people.

Business leaders have also been vocal about promoting LGBTI awareness.

Last week, the four Texas LGBT Chambers of Commerce said they would form a coalition to help protect LGBTI rights in the workplace throughout the state.

The heads of the business chambers from Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and North Texas said that their move to unite into a statewide entity came after attempts by Republican politicians to restrict LGBTI rights, such as the implementation of the bathroom bill.

However, while Texas has seen progress in promoting LGBTI rights and protections, serious hurdles remain.

Texas does not have any federal or state laws which prohibit anti-LGBTI discrimination.

While there are some ordinances to protect the LGBTI community, these are largely restricted to urban centers and tend to leave out the more rural areas.

Last month, Texas was one of 28 states which received the lowest ranking by LGBTI rights group Human Rights Campaign’s fifth annual State Equality Index.

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