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Texas daycare denies child admission over parent’s same-sex relationship

Texas daycare denies child admission over parent’s same-sex relationship


A daycare center in Texas has denied a child admission after learning her parents were a same-sex couple, one of the child’s mothers alledges.

Brittany Ready and her wife Stacey applied to enroll their girl Callie into the Parkview Christian Academy in Waco.

However, Ready wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday (18 July) that the academy refused to allow Callie to enroll because her parents are married.

The academy’s enrolment procedure says that if they do not feel the school will be in the interests of the child, the child will be dismissed.

Applying for daycare

Ready said the couple were informed there was a place available at the academy, and they went to see the academy for themselves.

‘The director was super sweet and welcoming to us and Callie!’ Ready wrote in her post.

However, this did not last. After the couple filed administrative paperwork, they were called into the academy administrator’s office to discuss their application.

‘We go to leave with paperwork in hand only for the administrator to call us into his office to let us know that he heard that Stacey and I our “mates” (first off we aren’t animals) and because of that they cannot welcome her (Callie),’ Ready wrote.

The couple were told that the academy’s ‘byLaws are byLaws’. The academy added that ‘their Christian based faith that they would not be able to accept our child’.

‘So does that mean “unwed parents” can not enroll their kids? Does that mean “divorced parents” cannot enroll their children there? Because sin is sin and Jesus sat and welcomed allllll the sinners,’ Ready added.

‘Just remember at the end of the day everyone is human’ 

The couple have been married for two years and have four children together.

The couple said that it is important that their children are raised as Christians and receive a Christian education.

Ready says that while they understand that the daycare center has such beliefs. However, both say that the center should be more transparent about their policies.

‘That’s fine if that’s what they stand for. But make it known that’s what you stand for. Just remember at the end of the day everyone is human,’ one of the child’s mothers alledges.

The pastor of Parkview Christian Academy has not commented on the matter.

After the news became public, several other daycare centers in Texas reached out the couple to offer Callie a place.