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Texas high schooler wins $77,000 compensation after school outed her to mother

A Texas woman who was forcibly outed to her mother by her high school softball coaches has won a $77,000 settlement from her school after a 6 year legal battle

Texas high schooler wins $77,000 compensation after school outed her to mother

21-year-old Skye Wyatt has won a 6 year battle seeking compensation for the violation of her privacy after sports coaches at her Kilgore, Texas high school forcibly outed her to her parents.

At age 16 Wyatt had been in a secret relationship with another girl at her high school when her softball coaches learned of the relationship and confronted her about it.

The coaches confronted her in a locker room and told her that unless she admitted she was a lesbian she would not be allowed to play in that day’s softball game.

When she refused the coaches called her mother and asked her to come to the sportsfield where they told her themselves.

The next day the coaches kicked her off the softball team and as a result of fellow students learning she was a lesbian had to endure homophobic bullying until she finished school.

However the coaches did not get the reaction from Wyatt’s mother who helped her launch a law suit against her school for invading her privacy.

Wyatt accepted $77,000 in an out of court settlement with the school’s insurance coverer.

However the local school district still does not accept it’s employees actions were wrong.

‘The Kilgore ISD board believes that the actions of its employees were in all things lawful. … No new policies are going to be adopted," reads a statement issued by the school board.

‘The plaintiff’s counsel in this case attempted to bully the board into changing its policies by threatening long, expensive and protracted litigation.

‘The Kilgore ISD Board of Trustees has no power to oppose the payment of settlement funds in this case, that matter being solely within the discretion of the insurance carrier.’

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