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Texas may lose 2018 NFL Draft amidst transgender bathroom bill debates

Texas may lose 2018 NFL Draft amidst transgender bathroom bill debates

Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFL Draft

Dallas may lose the chance to host the 2018 NFL Draft due to political debates surrounding transgender bathroom laws.

The Dallas Cowboys are among 22 cities pitching to host next year’s Draft, which comes with coveted investments.

But an anti-trans bathroom bill, expected to be debated in July this year, may put the NFL off the Texan city.

Brian McCarthy, the NFL’s vice president of communications, said: ‘We expect to have a decision on the location of next year’s draft later this summer/early fall,’ reports the Dallas News.

And after last year’s Superbowl, he said: ‘If a proposal that is discriminatory or inconsistent with our values were to become law there, that would certainly be a factor considered when thinking about awarding future events.’

The NFL Draft is an annual event where professional teams select eligible college footballers. It’s the league’s most common route for recruiting new talent.

Each team is given an opportunity for new players, in order of how they placed in the previous year’s rounds. The team that came last, therefore chooses a player first.

It’s an event that garners prime-time television coverage, as well as thousands of spectators.

Dallas’ version of HB2

But the NFL doesn’t want to get into political hot water, like countless sporting codes boycotting North Carolina’s infamous HB2 laws.

The ACC pulled its championship game from North Carolina and moved it to Orlando.

It’s a move that puts owners of sporting teams in precarious positions, when asked to comment on the matter.

Owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, said earlier this year: ‘Any time social issues have the consequence of impacting what we’re doing with our team, then that gets my attention

‘I hope how that is ultimately resolved is a nonevent and not impactful on what we do with our events.. That’s the best I can do there,’ he said.

The Draft will be in ten months, but the announcement is expected in the next few months.