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Texas newspaper writes editorial in favor of marriage equality

Texas newspaper writes editorial in favor of marriage equality

The Dallas Morning News, a newspaper in Texas’ third largest city, wrote an editorial in support of gay marriage.

The 14 December column began by praising the US Supreme Court for putting two marriage cases on its 2013 docket.

‘This newspaper applauds the Supreme Court’s recent decision to hear arguments in two same-sex marriage cases — one on California’s Proposition 8, which bans such marriages, and one regarding the Defense of Marriage Act, which denies federal benefits to legally married same-sex couples.’

The editorial continued by adding the court should stand for equal treatment before the law.

‘We urge the Supreme Court to affirm the right of gay couples to marry based upon the fundamental American ideal of equality before the law. It is critical that the court also make clear that such a ruling won’t require churches whose doctrines oppose same-sex marriage to perform such ceremonies.’

While forcefully arguing for marriage equality, the newspaper wants religious groups opposed to gay unions to have their rights protected also.

‘We respect that some religious traditions see same-sex unions as an affront to their canons, scriptures and traditions. The First Amendment protects such places of worship from being compelled to conduct same-sex marriages. Additionally, the justices should take care to carve out strong and significant protections so that the institutions’ religious liberties, for instance their tax-exempt status, are not circumscribed.’

According to Lambda Legal, a LGBT legal organization, Texas does not permit gay couples to marry, recognize LGBT marriages from other states, and offers no civil unions.

Nine US states, including the District of Columbia, allow same sex marriages.