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That's amore! Pasta sauce ad with gay kiss gets censored

An Italian company launches an advert with a sensuous gay kiss, but the broadcaster decides to censor it

That's amore! Pasta sauce ad with gay kiss gets censored

When Italian company Althea hoped to launch four new adverts showing off the passion the country is known for, they were sad to see the broadcaster decided to censor it. 

Promoting a new tomato sauce, the company wanted to show four couples, one gay, one lesbian and two straight, kissing in their new campaign.

In the short TV spots, it shows a couple lovingly kiss before they eat a classic Italian meal.

But after a decision from the Italian channels, the straight adverts are allowed to air at any time but the gay ones are only allowed to be shown after 11pm.

Althea spoke openly about the censorship, saying: ‘We just wanted to explain what love is. A kiss is love and there is a "strange" or a "different" love. Passion is passion.’

On the same page, customers applauded the advert. One said ‘this is a very sweet advert’, and another said it was sending a ‘positive message’.

Check out one of the adverts below:

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