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The 12 hottest, weirdest and coolest drag kings you should know

The 12 hottest, weirdest and coolest drag kings you should know

Landon Cider can turn from gorgeous girl to gorgeous guy

Most people have seen or at least heard of drag queens, but drag kings are out there and they need to be appreciated.

Drag kings need determination, individuality, charisma and kick-ass talent to make it to the top, and these women and trans men who embody these characters have it in spades.

Some are character kings, embodying favorites from Peter Pan to Pitbull, while others are going for the most convincing – and sometimes thirst-quenching – transformation.

Others go for the ‘when in doubt, freak ’em out’ aesthetic, with others are happy to blend the genders into one satisfying mix.

Plenty of them pay tribute to the drag royalty of the past, like Stormé DeLarverie, Vesta Tilley, Shelly Mars and Hetty King – pioneers of the artform.

Here are some of the best drag kings ruling the stage today:

1. Landon Cider


2. Justin Saine


3. Ivory Onyx

Ivory_Onyx, photo by Alex Melo, prosthetic and special effect makeup by Katelyn Thorpe

4. Gunner Gatlyn


5. Phantom


6. Havok Von Doom


7. Dred


8. Gage Gatlyn


9. Mo. B Dick


10. Buck Wylde


11. Melvin


12. Spikey Van Dykey