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The 8 most buzzing Chinatowns around the world to party for Chinese New Year

The 8 most buzzing Chinatowns around the world to party for Chinese New Year

Many people don't realize that Soho was not the original location of London's Chinatown

For every city that has one, they’re a colorful, cultural jewel of an area.

And now, Chinatowns the world over are gearing up for a massive party – as next Monday sees the return of the Chinese Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year.

Here, we take a look at nine of the world’s most vibrant Chinatowns ringing in the Year of the Monkey…

Have a good one!



The capital of the Philippines is home to the world’s oldest Chinatown, according to the tourist board – they say it dates back to 1594. Also known as Binondo, it covers an area of one square km.



The Big Smoke’s first Chinatown popped in Limehouse in the 1880s; after WW2, fresh waves of immigrants headed to Soho. The village is now home to around 78 restaurants and 12 bars. In the UK, Chinatowns can also be found in Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester.



LA’s first Chinatown dated back to 1870. The construction of Union Station forced ‘New Chinatown’ to move to its current location, around the Central and West Plazas.


New York City

In the Lower East Side of New York City, Chinatown covers two square miles; it’s home to 150,000 people, and boasts the largest Chinese community in the Western Hemisphere.



Just because 75% of the population in Singapore are Chinese, that doesn’t mean the city-state can’t have a Chinatown. For a full breakdown of the numerous things to see, eat and do in this swiftly regenerating area, visit the official guide at



The greater area of the Ontario capital has no less than six Chinatowns; the biggest and best can be found Downtown – it also dates back to the 1870s.



Pipping Toronto to the post is the Chinatown in Vancouver, Canada – it’s North America’s third largest after New York City and San Francisco. It dates back to the 1890s, and covers six blocks; the Vancouver Chinatown Festival takes place in August.


San Francisco

The Golden Gate City is where you’ll fine America’s oldest Chinatown, with 70,000 inhabitants. The gateway to Chinatown, found at Bush and Grant Avenue, was a gift to San Fran from the Republic of Taiwan.