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The Bi+ Manifesto

Stand by your bisexual, pansexual and queer friends

The Bi+ Manifesto
The Bisexual Manifesto

1 Bisexuality is real.

I understand that bisexuality is real and a valid part of LGBTI. Bisexuality is not a phase but a valid sexual identity. Confusion regarding bisexual identities comes from outside the community. Bisexuals have no need to ‘pick a side’. Bisexuality is deserving of acknowledgment and respect. Bisexual, pansexual and queer are all legitimate identities.

2 Bisexuality does not equate to disloyalty.

I understand the bi+ community is not one size fits all. Like any other identity, bi+ people can have intersecting identities. They can be asexual or aromatic. They can be happily monogamous, or happily polyamorous. However this does not equate bisexual identities to disloyalty. I will not equate promiscuity, infidelity, or unsafe sexual behavior with bisexuality. Bisexuality does not mean every single individual that crosses their path is instantaneously desirable.

3 Bisexual people are not defined by their current partner/relationship.

I will not assume someone’s sexuality dependent on who they are romantically linked to. Dating someone of the same sex does not necessarily make someone gay. Dating someone of a different sex does not necessarily make someone straight.

4 Bisexuality is not binary.

I understand bisexuality means someone is able to be attracted to more than one gender. Being bisexual does not assume people are only attracted to just two genders. Bisexuality can be limitless for many and pay no regard to the sex or gender of a person. Some bisexuals are attracted to more than two genders, and there are more than two genders.

5 Bisexual people are not here for the pleasure/enjoyment of others.

I affirm the right of bisexuals to full personal power and autonomy, especially in terms of sexual expression. I will not attempt to pressure bisexual people into performing sexual acts. Bisexual people do not have to accept everyone’s sexual advances. Neither do they have to answer unnecessary and invasive questions about their sex life.

6 Bisexual people deserve representation.

Bisexual is not a dirty word and should be used in the media to accurately describe people who identify so. I agree bisexual people deserve better representation. It should be made easier for bisexual people to see themselves truly represented on screen and on paper, online and in all forms of music, art and performance.

7 Bisexual health matters need more attention.

I acknowledge that health services need to better address the specific needs of those who identify as bi+. Bisexual people are more likely to experience suicide risk behaviors than lesbians, gay men or straight people. Bisexual people experience higher rates of STI diagnoses than the straight community. This evidence shows bisexual people have different needs that are not being treated. I will support and encourage efforts to offer better health services for bisexual people.

8 Bisexual voices need to be listened to and included.

I will help bi+ voices to get the platform they deserve. LGBT organizations need to think about the B as well as L, G and T. Businesses, charities and other organizations should count and consider bisexual identities in the same way they would other diverse groups. Governments should listen to bi+ people, particularly when creating policies regarding the LGBTI community. Amplifying bi+ voices and considering bi needs makes society better and fairer for all of us.

Created by bi, pan and queer people, January 2018.

Bisexual+ is an umbrella term for bisexual, pansexual and queer people – every identity which means being attracted to more than one gender.

Please share, and show your support for the bi+ community.

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