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The cast of Fox’s RENT open up about their real life struggles to pay rent

The cast of Fox’s RENT open up about their real life struggles to pay rent

Cast of remake of Rent

The cast of Fox’s revival of RENT opened up about their own real-life struggles paying rent.

Fox’s RENT

Fox’s live rendition of the musical RENT airs tonight (27 January). It stars Vanessa Hudgens as Maureen, Kiersey Clemons as Joanne, Drag Race star Valentina as Angel, among others.

Financial Struggles

Speaking to The Advocate, the cast and choreographer Sonya Tayeh discuss their own financial dilemmas, not too dissimilar from the ones their characters face. In fact, a recent survey found that LGBTI people in the United States are more likely to overdraft their bank accounts than their cisgender and heterosexual counterparts.

‘I’ve definitely been in situations where I’ve gone to zero or negative in the bank because I believe in my art so much and I know it would feed back,’ Valentina said.

‘For people who need to overcome adversity and don’t have people out there that are examples in the media for them, pave your own path, believe in your dream. Take a risk, make a change, because there’s “no day but today,”’ she continued.

Kiersey Clemons brought up that when she was a regular on a Disney Channel show, she still had to work at the mall to earn enough money to live.


The cast also discuss Hollywood’s history of whitewashing. Vanessa Hudgens recalls a time when an agent said she was ‘too ethnic’ and how things are different now. For example, this production cast the first-ever Mark of color. Usually, the part of Mark is played by white men like Anthony Rapp. This time, however, Jordan Fisher landed the role.

Watch the cast and crew of Fox’s RENT discuss their own rent woes below.

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