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The city of Austin is opening its toilets to trans people

The city of Austin is opening its toilets to trans people

Visit Austin Transgender

No one should have to worry about going to the toilet. Unfortunately, that’s the reality for many trans and non-binary people, who face harassment for something as small as a wee. The city of Austin is changing this.

Launching for Transgender Awareness Week, Texas’ most LGBTI-friendly city are introducing their ‘Open ATX’ campaign.

The concept is simple: all businesses that are open to trans people just need a sticker in their restroom. These act as a message to trans and non-binary people that they can use these toilets without fear.

Spider House Visit Austin Transgender
Spider House | Photo: LatinWorks/Visit Austin

Everywhere from cafes and hotels, to cinemas and bookshops have taken part. Not only are they able to send the message to trans people in Austin, they can show off their incredibly cool toilets too.

In fact, it’s a pretty good excuse to get your customary toilet mirror selfie… as long as no one else is in there.

Tom Noonan, President and CEO of Visit Austin, said: ‘At Visit Austin, we will continue to promote the inclusive nature of our city.

Le Poutique Visit Austin Transgendert
Le Poutique | Photo: LatinWorks/Visit Austin

‘Along with local businesses in our community, Visit Austin is a proud ally to the transgender and non-binary community. We are committed to making everyone feel welcome during their visit.’

There is one thing the city cares about in regards to their toilets. But this isn’t just for trans and non-binary people – this includes LGBTI, heterosexual and beyond.

All they care about is that you wash your hands after using the toilet.

Really, that’s all we should be caring about by now.

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