Here is every scene from The Crown with Prince Philip naked

We’re here to celebrate the 97th birthday of Prince Philip today (10 June), the husband of Queen Elizabeth II.

And what better way than to compile a list of every scene Matt Smith was naked in when playing Prince Philip in hit-Netflix show, The Crown.

It’s no secret Prince Philip liked to sleep naked. Claire Foy, the actress who plays Queen Elizabeth confirmed the revelation during a Netflix event in New York a few years ago.

She said: ‘A crucial thing is that Philip sleeps naked. That’s a fact. That was something that we found out.

‘And what do you do, put Philip in a pair of pyjamas? That’s not right for the character,’ she said.

Matt Smith was happy to oblige – even calling the naked scenes ‘the best bit of acting I did in the whole series.’

He continued: ‘No word of a lie. It was my most truthful moment.’

So without further ado, here we go:

King George’s rude awakening

This scene is in the first ever episode of the first ever season. Just before King George IV takes Prince Philip for some shooting, he barges unannounced into the young prince’s room.

Philip lies on his stomach for a moment, before getting up stark naked and facing away from the camera.

This, of course, gives us the best view of all.

Prince Philip stands with his bare bum
Photo: Netflix

A cheeky trip

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth share a small shack in Nairobi.

While Philip is asleep, Elizabeth takes the opportunity to film him naked. She then joins him on the bed for a cute little cuddle afterwards.

Prince Philip lies naked on the bed
Photo: Netflix

Dressed in his best

During a conversation with Queen Elizabeth while they’re both changing out of formal clothes, the pair strip down.

In this scene, Prince Philip bares his ripped chest while putting on a robe.

Prince Philip putting on a dressing gown
Photo: Netflix

And there we have it – all of the scenes Prince Philip is naked.

Depressing there’s only three, right?

Well, the Claire Foy and Matt Smith confirmed there were deleted sex scenes that didn’t make the cut.

‘There was a lot more,’ reports Whimn. ‘They didn’t make it in.’

Apparently, during the scene where Queen Elizabeth films her beau, there was a lot more action. But producers ended up cutting it out.

We’ll have to settle for the implied blow job scene where Prince Philip remarks: ‘Either I could find some stilts to match up to my new, tall woman… or she could get on her knees.’

Antony Armstrong-Jones and his young lovers
Photo: Netflix

There’s also an extended sex scene between Princess Margaret’s beau Antony Armstrong-Jones and his young lover.

As well as a watered-down threesome, with Antony Armstrong-Jones and his married best friends.

Season three of The Crown is expected in early 2019.