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The Economist ‘sorry’ for suggesting trans people should be sterilized

The Economist ‘sorry’ for suggesting trans people should be sterilized

Trans activist Munroe Bergdorf.

The Economist has apologized for a tweet which suggested the magazine believed trans people should be sterilized.

The British magazine deleted the tweet earlier today (19 March).

‘We deleted an earlier tweet which mischaracterised our article on transgender rights in Japan. Here is that article, which remains unchanged,’ the Economist said.

‘The article explores in detail a question that was put to Japan’s Supreme Court. Our tweets often use a line from the articles they link to. We were wrong to use the first line of this article out of its context. Sorry.’

Editor of The Economist ‘sorry’ for offensive transphobic tweet

The original tweet said, without context:’Should transgender people be sterilised before they are recognized?’

If you clicked on the article, the piece began with that same sentence.

It then said: ‘Earlier this year Japan’s Supreme Court decided that the answer is yes.

‘Human-rights groups say demanding irreversible surgery is outrageous.

‘Although several Asian countries, including South Korea, have similar laws, Western countries that once also used to require sterilisation, such as Norway, France and Sweden, no longer do.’

Flagging the tweet 

Prominent users also flagged the original tweet on Twitter.

‘YOu know…fuck @TheEconomist. Fucking sick of this fucking garbage. How fucking dare they? Really. Fuck them,’ Media Matters editor Parker Molloy said.

‘Should [any group of people] be sterilized before being [legally] recognized?

‘There is absolutely no context where that is an OK question to ask, you genocidal shitweasals.’

Parallels to Nazism?

Women protesting against Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) at Pride Glasgow, Scotland, last weekend
Women protesting against Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) at Pride Glasgow, Scotland | Photo: David Hudson

Trans activist Munroe Bergdorf said: ‘I can’t believe that I am reading this.

‘I can’t believe that in 2019 these are the conversations being had in supposedly reputable mainstream media outlets about people like me.

‘I can’t believe how every day these conversations go from bad to worse.’

She also added: ‘I can’t understand how one can look at this and not see the parallels of Nazi eugenics within this headline.

‘I can’t believe that [finance editor] Helen Joyce, a known transphobe…is allowed to misinform the general public in this way.

‘I’m disgusted and appalled, but ready to fight and resist this hateful and dehumanizing propaganda. Shame on you The Economist. This is how you open the door for genocide, not equality.’

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