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This gay guy who's been dumped 6 times this year because of his penis size tells his story

What would your advice be?

This gay guy who's been dumped 6 times this year because of his penis size tells his story
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A Reddit user has highlighted just how shallow the gay male community can be

It’s the age-old question: does size matter? For the partners of this Reddit user, apparently so.

Keen to get his experiences off his chest, the message posted yesterday (29 December 2015) is titled ‘I have been dumped by 6 different guys this year because of my penis’. In it, the writer discusses the cruel treatment he has received from lovers once they’ve see him naked, admitting his sexual encounters have left him feeling suicidal.

The post has already attracted 145 comments, with many of them positive and supportive, including some from men who also think they have small penises.

To read the original post in full, scroll on. Be aware the language is explicit and might not be suitable for reading at work.

When I was younger I thought my penis would get bigger and go to normal size. It didn’t. I started puberty late, but it still barely grew. It was only in my last year of high school that I accepted nobody will want to have sex with me. I’m also kind of ugly, so for relationships I have nothing going for me. I consider myself a top but when I first had sex I bottomed with clothes on because I was too embarrassed for him to see it.

Hookups were never really my thing. I get a little nervous before hooking up with someone who I don’t really know, so Grindr was never my thing. I took the more classical [approach] (or something), and would date for a little bit and fuck when the moment felt right.

The first guy I was with I began dating in the middle of January. He implied that he goes slow as well, so we dated for a month and a half. By the time we had sex, I was embarrassed but I really liked this guy so I took my clothes off. He lost all of his enthusiasm and only finished out of pity. He texted me the next night saying it couldn’t work because of my penis. He was the first person who I might consider a boyfriend in my life, and I was right – nobody would really like me.

I dated guy #2 for about a month. When we went to his place to have sex I could see he was disappointed. He picked up his phone and said there was an ’emergency in the family’ and left. When I was home he told me that the sex wasn’t satisfying enough. I knew it was for the same reason as the next guy.

Guys #3, and #4 were pretty much the same story with only slight variations.

Guy #5 was really handsome and had a huge cock. I was crazy that I landed a guy like him, but by the time we were going to have sex with me naked (I only gave him BJs before) he was visibly weirded out by my penis. We didn’t do anal, but he did finish and leave. He didn’t message me for a week, and he texted me out of the blue saying that he prefers guys with ‘comparable’ penis size to him. I was so hurt I didn’t respond.

Guy #6 was pretty much the same story except he got back to me the day after.

Why do I even continue? Out of 7 people (one guy from last year too), I have a 0% chance of making it past sex. I live alone, my family hasn’t talked to me in years, I only have a few friends, and I get dumped and sometimes even shamed for my penis if I try to pursue a romantic relationship. No, I do not want to bottom – it usually hurts a fair amount and I don’t find it pleasurable. I can’t top, because my dick is probably too short for penetration. Why should I go on? I’ve been a relatively active dater this year, and every single time it’s been more or less the same story. Why do I even wake up in the morning knowing I’ll never find companionship? If I’m discreet with my suicide I’ll hopefully be dead long enough so the hospital workers (if I’m found) won’t have to see this disgraceful body.

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Some users have suggested the man in question is suffering from depression and should seek professional help, while others have advised taking up exercise and the gym to boost self-confidence. But the responses we most rate are the following:

‘My boyfriend has a smaller than average penis and I love him unconditionally. It’s him and his personality that I love, not his dick.’ 

‘It’s fucked up that people treat you so shitty based on a trivial reason. Some day you’ll find someone who loves you just the way you are, and they won’t care about your penis size. If I loved someone, I’d make it work. That’s what real love is.’

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    accept yourself . you will find the right guy . sex isn’t everything . i happen to like smaller ones . my husband is not big . it really didn’t matter to me i liked him for who he was before we had sex . when we finally did , he was negative about himself and the way he looked and his size . i told him it didn’t matter . i fell in love with him , we have been together 20 years unmarried and one year as a married couple . i will stay with him forever . but what ever you do don’t off yourself . it is an insult to god , the creator that made you in his image . he also made someone for you . you just have to be patent and find him . love is patient , love is kind , love wins

    Personally speaking size doesn’t matter to me, and in all honesty yes this man should see a life coach, I did with the same mindset about my size and i’m happy I did, I’m average and if you don’t like it kiss my hairy butt your to much into yourself.

    That’s what happens when guys can’t really love a person for who he is they have these things they want or won’t date him at all from cock size to his ass to even. Being too hairy so guys can be so shallow and not accept a guy for who he is hope you find me right soon that isn’t so stuck up and shallow as for me I accept a guy for who he is and would fix it where he knew I loved him no matter what and I am sure the guys in past are making you more insecure but they are the ones that’s insecure

    Shallow people suck i hope you find someone. -sincerely Gay and transgender

    Chris Black says:

    There are sometimes medical issues that result in having a smaller penis. I would see a doctor first to make sure I didn’t have any hormonal or other health issues behind it. Secondly it’s such a shame that you’ve been treated that way. Sadly it’s not surprising though because the same group of people who demand equality and fairness and unconditional love and acceptance are such superficial assholes toward members of their own community for things that can’t be helped. So much for unconditional love and acceptance. I seriously hope you find a man who loves and accepts you unconditionally.

    I agree with Frank 100% but also this is very common in the LGBT community . Its sad this happensbut what can i say . I myself am larger but i love the person for him not his penis size that is so SHALLOW

    It’s not your penis size. It’s their brain size. Which is too small in the first place

    Al Johnson says:

    Gay media and the culture of the gay community are responsible for the shallowness that is throughout. Most of the so called “icons” of the gay community along with gay magazines, websites, apps they all contribute to making anyone feel that they don’t fit in. There was time in the gay community where your individuality was something to be proud of. Most gay magazines and websites truly hurt the very people they are supposed to be for. I find it is best to make friends with people you have lot in common with and go from there. Don’t follow the trends and certainly don’t compare yourself to the pictures of gay men you see on websites and in magazines. Most of those guys are so screwed up in the head that it really is best you stay clear. You have to be happy and comfortable with yourself before you will attract a person to love and care about. Stay strong!

    Maybe the solution for cases like this one is to marketing his self as total bttm boy , workout your body specially to firm a nice bubble butt! I have been with some total bttm boys in my life that they don’t even let you go near their dicks and they got a nice size.

    Jeremy King says:

    My boyfriend is not indowed and I love him more than life itself. . U just have to find someone who isn’t shallow and retardedly inconsiderate of Ur feelings

    This is a tough one, and I really feel for you, I have a bigger than average dick, but, I am an introvert, so I can’t even get to the point of sex, and if I do the guys are always smaller than I am, and they don’t come back even though I am a bottom, who actually prefers a small guy simply because they can do things that big boys can’t, and non of them have even had the decency to give an excuse, I haven’t had a man in 13 years, I’ve learned that very few men are interested in real life. I hope that you finally find your some-one, I’m too old now, so I’ve learned to live with the loneliness and my hand.

    Dreadful. I wouldn’t and (don’t) care.

    Von Smith says:

    So far, you have met the wrong people. Keep trying. It maybe harder for you but it is not impossible. hugs 🙂

    Rick Coe says:

    My father said that anything more than a mouthful is a waste!! Now granted he was talking about womens breasts, but I think it applies to mens penises as well. (PS:) I know how you feel.

    I don’t understand all this whining.. Why don’t he just do something about it, like the rest of us have done….

    Fatmir Muhja says:

    The question is why are you so concentrated on this part of your body. I know the gay world is a cock complication but also has beautiful guys which don’t see the size but the personality the inner you. Probably by putting so much energies on this issue you forgot the rest of your beauty. Let it go and spend your energies on you self once you do that everything other comes along. Don’t blame the others everyone has the right to choose. Size queens or not we have to respect their choice but not their behaviour. Dear guy the size of your cock is not the issue, the issue is your self-confidence Let it ego, Just think how lucky you are to wake up tomorrow and see this world again you create everyday with your eyes, ears and mind. Life is beautiful once you except as it is. Enjoy your life

    My dear friend: I feel, sympathize, understand, and know your pain. I’ve been there, had it done to me, didn’t want the F*****G T-shirt. I never “came out”. I just “WAS”. In high school, I was not the most masculine guy in the buuilding, but I went along and dated girls. I was also on the chunky side, had acne, wore thick glasses, and was cursed with a “Turtle Cock” (when soft, it retreated to almost invisible and when hard it was not as big as other guys my age or older). Top all of that off with a notoriously “Ultra-religious, Far Right Wing, Conservative Southern Baptist” father. I was and still am painfully shy but learned to cover it up with humor because of all that. Five years ago, I had Radiation and Chemo for Stage IV Prostate Cancer, which left me Impotent. Viagra, Cealis and TriMix are useless in getting The Turtle to come out & play. I’m mostly a bottom, so no big deal for me. Then two years ago, I had to have Emergency Surgery to remove an Acute Bowel Obstruction. I had a scar 22cm long, 10cm wide that ran vertically from just above my pubic hair up past my navel AND a temporary Colostomy. I didn’t have sex for the next six months when my Second Surgery took place. It was SUPPOSSED to reverse the Colostomy, which was successful, and reattach my Abdominal muscles and reposition my navel to it’s original location. Sort of a Tummy Tuck. The navel is back where it should be, but there was little or no Tummy Tuck and I was left with a slightly shorter & narrower but still very visible Purple Verticle Scar. I had a very active sex life before and after the Cancer treatments and the surgery, but now about every third guy that comes over and sees me naked with my non-existant penis and Frankenstein Scar either comes up with an excuse to leave immediately, or stays long enough for me to get him off before just disappearing or coming up with an excuse to leave in a big hurry. And never call, text, or e-mail me, respond to messages, and have even blocked me on the website where we met. It hurts both of us more than we ever thought we could be hurt to the point of tears, makes my husband furious, and has made me distrustful and suspicious of anyone that comes over for sex. We’ve only had Repeat Sessions with THREE guys out of over two dozen that stayed for the entire evening. I can only suggest very strongly that you talk to your regular doctor, tell him how depressed you’ve become over the way these shallow, petty, mean, cruel, bottom-feeder Queens have treated you, and ask for a referral to a Mental Health professional that specializes in sexual therapy, and that doctor will probably be able to refer you to a specialist that might be able to make your Turtle come out of it’s shell. Your local Gay Community Center might be able to help you find the help and support you need. Remember that Female to Male transexuals don’t end up hung like a porn star after they transition. You are probably better hung than they are! You sound like an intelligent, kind hearted man, and I wish you all of the very best, and want you to remember that you are NOT alone. Be well and be happy. Your New Friend, Duane Beach-Barrow (Palm Springs, CA)

    Hello my friend ,i am sorry you feel the way you do ,but let me say to you ,your dealing with the wrong men in your life .your deal with closet men ,they are really bottoms but can be tops to cover themselfs if they don’t really want the person ,you want a top who loves being a top will never bottom for and only wants you to bottom and be his women ,but you must talkk to them to find out what type your dealing with ,i had a husband for 26 years never would he bottom and i never wanted him to for i am female in my thoughts and and mind and their is a man out there for you ,but you first have to learn to love yourself and noot make it about sex ,hold your head high and keep on getting up ,

    Lloyd Copper says:

    Get an extension

    Where does he meet men? Also, get in the gym, etc. give them something else to like.

    Sorry, but I have a different opinion. I think size doesn’t matter, but good sex indeed matters. Sex could be an important part of a relationship, regardless of the size of your weapon. Of course, a good personality, and all that is inside, is crucial if you want to establish a serious relationship, but sex can provide a special bound with your partner. There are other ways to pleasure your partner that could be even more satisfactory than any penetration, but you have to open your mind to different ways of having sex. Have you thought about using toys, creams, etc.? How good is your foreplay? Why don’t you try to be versatile? I think this is more of an issue of self-steem and attitude than of the size of your pennis. So, stop looking for “power bottom” guys and look for open-minded people who are looking for more than a sexual encounter.

    i feel sorry for this guy. Honestly, is all about dick size on apps….and that’s the only way we meet anymore. I met my guy on an app. It says a lot about our community. We fought hard for equal rights and held President Obamas feet to the flame to throw his support behind us because we claimed we wanted the same rights as straight folks….assuming we would take on the same nuclear family monicker. At this point I think the gay community can pull it a little tighter. Think with your big head….unless you’re super hung.

    The love of my life had a 2 inch penis and I adored him and would still be with him if he hadn’t dumped me and then died.

    Keith Raye says:

    my experience has been most guys with big dicks suck in bed, they think thats all they need, come on ever red some of te ads, looking for 8in or bigger, i feel sorry for those people, clearly only a baseball bat will do ts patheic, my ex that i was with for 13 yrs an passed away had a 4inch dick an he was the best lover i ever had, you need to make it up in other areas, this is a straight issue also, i know straight men with small dicks and they just learned how to eat cat better, please trust me you are so much better off without those relationships, confidence baby, think i may be small but i will rock your fucking boat! dont get depressed, im here for you anytime brother!

    Sorry to hear that u had to gone throw ol that shit…

    Allen Legacy says:

    I think the first thing needed is therapy. You need to talk with someone about your situation, and a sex therapist would be even better. That’s exactly what I did. I thought I had a small penis, because my first sexual experience, when I was 14, with someone who was 15, and compared to me was huge. I did start puberty late, and there was some noticable growth, but I still thought I was small, because by some twisted circumstances and fate, I kept meeting guys who were extremely well hung, which made me feel I had a small penis. With therapy, I did begin to gain confidence, and self esteem, and I also began working out at the gym on a regular basis, and after a couple of years, I was in great shape, not a body builder, but in good shape, the shape I wanted to be in. I continued to meet guys who were extremely well hung, and tried my best to deal with the situation at hand. I slowly realized that most guys, even though they were well hung, were interested in me, as a sexual partner, my penis size really didn’t matter. I was a bottom, and I also slowly realized, even though these guys were hung, most actually had no idea what they were doing, how to use what they had, how to please someone, etc. After years, I finally met, (at the gym), my current partner, and the love of my life. Yes, he is definantly bigger than me, but not what I would call extremely huge. Sex with him was amazing, and what made it amazing was he was so attentive to how I was enjoying myself while we had sex, he was caring, sensual, and a loving person, who wanted to please me. My smaller penis wasn’t a concern with him, in fact it was him that pointed out that I really wasn’t as small as I realized. Having had sex with so many men, who were extremely hung, gave me the impression that I was small, when in fact I was maybe a bit larger than average, but that’s beside the point, because my partner wasn’t interested in my penis size. He said it was my energy, and sense of humour, personality, etc, that had attracted him. And I have to say, I have never been happier since I’ve met him. So, my advice is to go get some therapy, work out some issues, and join the gym, which will help build your confidence, and self esteem. Don’t focus on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have, and be the person you were meant to be, let your personality shine, and the right person will notice.

    Shaun Dehker says:

    Start looking for a nice guy with a smaller one as well don’t think your the only one there are other guys with a little smaller ones no problem and don’t tell anyone that you are a top be vers and not till your with the same guy for a while

    Keith Spicer says:

    Very sad. You have more class than they will ever be. Hit me up!!!!!!!!!

    This is what happens if you get invested with someone before you have sex him and if you are having sex with guys who have not previously seen you undressed. What do you think baths, gyms, tearooms and backroom bars are for? Stop with unicorns and Barbie teaparty stuff. Get down to business by showing up where there are plenty of gays guys who see you naked first. Size does not really matter to many guys, and some even like small — so let them self-select before you start getting sized for engagement rings. Don’t “date” (whatever you mean by that) guys you haven’t already had sex with.

    沈瑞 says:


    It is sad hat people are so mean. But gay world is the meanest. Self interest and noone caring for, Dude. Nobody in this life is ugly. We are human being.So enjoy life instead for thinking suicidial. You are beautiful as you are. Enjoy till the end. Ugly or not everybody has a chance in life and you never know where the luck and the god life with a partner reside. You just have to make the best of it. I am sure you look cute and handsome in your own way. I know you do. Never say never. never stop sombody wil come along with you.

    Mathew Brown says:

    First off never believe you are ugly there is beauty in everyone, second if those guys are that shallow then good riddance to them. Plus you do not need to be big to be a top there’s nothing that says you need a big one for that, but maybe look into toys that could help you both have fun. But in the end only do & be with guts that make you feel good about yourself.

    Everyone has preferences, and some men are seriously turned on by small penises. There are a number of Tumblrs devoted to men with small penises, and men who are open on cruising sites about having a small penis are going to meet some of the men who are looking for them, and have great sex. Some of those men who like men with small cocks are also going to be really nice guys, and worth dating as well as having sex with. This guy was apparently not telling these random men that he had a small penis until they were taking their clothes off – well, that’s awfully late to bring the subject up, when you know that it’s an issue with a lot of men. So hiding your cock size doesn’t work. If you bring it up soon with randomly met men you’ll filter out the ones who aren’t interested, and leave yourself free to keep looking. But the best strategy is using social media to explicitly find men who will consider your small cock an exciting asset. They’re certainly out there. Announce it boldly, and you will eventually find your fan club.

    Id let a guy with a small dick top me. Im a top because I cant fit anything in my ass. Maybe a small penis I could take. This guy sounds like fun! there is always someone for you out there!

    I was going to suggest finding a site where guys are into that too, seen them (in the old days of gaydar anyway so sure they still exist). Maybe you are seeking out the wrong kind of guys, you are worth more than that. Life can and will get better, have to learn to love and nuture and take care of ourselves.xxxx

    Charles Chaz says:

    I completely empathize with this author. Society has majority of gay men thinking cock size is what counts. I’ve also been dumped by several due to I’m not endowed like all the models are. One day….I’m hoping to find someone who isn’t expecting a 7+ Cock. Physically things sag and shrink, it’s the internal qualities that last a lifetime

    Gerry Fisher says:

    Like any other physical attribute, you’ve got to *own* it and act as if it doesn’t matter to you (so why should it matter to anyone else?). “Yeah, I’ve got a tiny cock. What OF it?!” Part of that approach is to be upfront about it before any clothes come off. Use your own words to articulate, “If you’re a size queen, then move on.” (You may be thinking, “but I don’t feel that way!” There’s a great saying in 12-step programs designed to boost confidence in people recovering from addictions: “fake it until you make it.”) One of the great things about being gay is that it’s a lot more possible to find partnerships that are not 100% reliant on sexual compatibility. (Yes, Virginia, non-monogamy.) Your job is to find a decent, kind person who will fall in love with your beautiful heart and soul; if you’ve done that part of your job right, then just about any sexual stuff can be worked out. Hang in there! Love yourself, and *act* like you love yourself. Start from there.

    I like my small one.

    First of he’s a brave man for speaking about this, of course you don’t know who he is but I say why worry about size, I’m sorry but I had my fair share of “hung” dudes and either they didn’t get fully hard cause of length (to much blood to go to it) and that really hurts your mouth and or something else, and regular to even “smaller” are still fun, so guys are to cliche in the wanting of “a bigger man” a person (nay a man to another man) should know that all of us suffer from “em I big enough” in one point in our lives (hung dudes proberly think if memory services from ones I talked to that someone willing to take them if they could top and most are bottoms), jjust be happy who you are, don’t need to cut someone of cause of a body thing, a relationship stands on soul to soul and we shouldn’t just be shallow and want “stuff to be bigger”. I can be frank I was only called “small” a few times but I know I’m a normal size, I have had men who can’t take me I’m 6″ and I’m proud of it, I know I please a man,if he can honestly find a MATURE man (doesn’t have to be older) to take him on, I say that would the best thing for him cause we all need loving, in and out, body and soul.

    I only look at heart. Not looks or size. That’s where the real love from….

    Straight guys have this problem too, so it isn’t just about being gay. My experience is that if you are lacking in one area, you need to be able to make up for it in other areas. Some guys are small, but give their ladies great oral. And I read last year in a Dan Savage article, that according to studies, 30% of gay couples aren’t into anal. I am not sure how you might accomplish this (perhaps online dating?), but it should be possible to meet someone for whom this would not be such a problem. I just thought of something, what about someone with a similar issue? I don’t know what else to suggest, but don’t give up. Love is worth looking for, waiting for & I firmly believe that there really is someone for everyone.

    Dommé Fe says:

    My advice: All the stories had 1 similarity. And its not that the guys broke up with you. Its that you never told them in advance. So my advice is: Be honest. Tell guys in before what they got to expect. If you have an online profile somewhere, even include it there. There is nothing more bad than running into something unprepared. Even if guys dump you then, you spare yourself involving too much feelings. On the other hand you filter out the guys who mean it honestly with you. If youre a top, learn your stuff. Practice rimming, fingering, use toys. A good massage by hand can sometimes be better than intercourse. There are also attachments for your penis, to make it more pleasureable for your partner. If youre totally open with a guy , you can consider that also.

    Luis Flores says:

    He puts himself in a dead end since he is not open to options…..should quit sex and start sexless romantic relationships there are many asexuals out there

    i just can’t believe how those men are so shallow and stupid. they think that looking for a partner is solely depending on the size of their penises? I was going to say that is so “old-school” or so “primitive”, but i don’t think it was even a “thing” in the past. anyway, i really think those guys need to seek professional help. they have some serious problems. while you (the guy who wrote the enrty) on the other hand deserves pure and true love. i can feel how passionate you are in finding a partner-in-life and i wish that you will find him the soonest. to all gay/bi men out there, please, have some maturity. our community always say that it is harder for us to look for true love. but when the right person is in front of us, we make things complicated by giving so much requirements that WE (oureselves) don’t meet. i should know, i am guilty of it as well.

    Jim Feig says:

    Time to learn to bottom and goto the gym.

    I would love someone like you regardless you the sex or what it looks like a relationship isn’t built on sex. Your a great guy no matter what they said to you, even with each of them hurting you and damaging your self esteem. Your a great and would love to get to know you my friend.

    Hellen Back says:

    There are websites that are geared towards men who fetishize micro penis. He should contact those groups, he would be very popular and problem solved. I personally never understood when someone brags about how big their boyfriends penis is, they’ve only just announced to the world how loose their hole is.

    First, you need to OWN your dick. If you’re on a hookup site, be totally up front about your size and desires. When meeting men in the real world, penis size shouldn’t be anywhere close to the first thing you discuss. However, if you are really small and you see the possibility of a sexual relationship, tell him up front. And, frankly, maybe anal just isn’t for you. Anal isn’t everything and it pretty much feels just as good to fuck somebody between the thighs. Some guys are strictly oral. All I’m saying is a relationship, sexual or romantic, doesn’t have to focus on one aspect of sex. There are a lot of guys who don’t mind a small dick and some who go crazy for one. I bet you can find a guy who is really into you.

    I may seem shallow, but from what I read, I find nothing about how he actually compansate. I mean… does he really try his best to satisfy his partner in any way? As some of the guys he dated said that sex wasn’t satisfying enough. I mean… my boyfriend is FtM, and have a very small penis. He still gives me the best sex I have ever had. He just makes the best out of what he have. I for example have small boobs, and my boyfriend likes me just the way I am too. It’s not really the size that matters.

    Size doesn’t fucking matter, for real youd dump a great, carring, loving, loyal companion just because his dick, in my case i preferr to have an awesome boy friend than a big dicked asshole.

    Life is all about lots of different things not just sex. There are people with more problems then having a small penis. My x had the same insecurity and was misserable because of it. I was the top in the relationship and could never understand why he was so obsessed with his penis size. If you are suicidal because of something so silly then you need to look at your life and get some perspective.

    Tim Guerra says:

    Out of the seven people who he’s dated, I can’t believe that all of them are shallow size queens. At least one had to be interested. Judging from what he wrote and how he wrote it, I’d say he has very low self esteem. Along with that, I’d asume that he is dealing with depression, I surprised he even tried to date. I hate to say this but there must be something else going on here. A piece of the puzzle is missing, and he’s not telling us everything. I’d be interested in hearing the whole truth.

    He may not be aware of the whole truth. They may have just used his size as an excuse.

    it’s a real shame that gay guys are so shallow . i actually prefer guys that are smaller sized . as long as they are into me & not too self absorbed to notice i exist. i am used to feeling sad or bad about myself because people don’t care to acknolege i exist

    I’m sorry, but speaking from personal experience. I’ve been with a guy who had what society considers small. He was the best I ever had. He learned ways to make it work. He was very shy at first and I really had to drag his bright side to the surface because of what others had said and done. Ridiculous. We split BC of work and issues seeing one another regularly. He was a great guy, wasn’t the vest looking, but I prefer substance over style.

    How can we, the gay community, be so cruel and dismissive of anyone who doesn’t fit the social norms that people set up. We are a community that formed because we didn’t fit the social norm, and because of that we banded together. But now we have such seggregation in our own ‘saftey net’ that it might as well not be there! Penis-size-judgement, Bottom shamming the list goes on and on and on. For Gods sake cant you see that we are litterally tearing ourselves apart, leaving ourselves vunerable, and alone, against those who wish to enforce the social norm we rejected!…

    That’s either ridiculous or a made up story. Having said that … I left a guy because I couldn’t do anything with him. He had a 12 inch cock like a baby’s arm.

    It’s just such a pathetic story. I don’t think it’s even a real one

    Well, a lot of gay men are ridiculous.

    never be ashamed of what you can’t change about yourself, just live it, there are ways around this, many guys who don’t like full sex (or ‘sides’ as they are called) prefer to just do oral or other kinds of sex, also there are many toys that help with this ‘issue’, i believe they are called sheathes, and it’s basically an artificial dick extension that feels good for both the guys, give it a look!

    Serge Dyotte says:

    I can’t say i understand your situation but i can give a certain amount of advice…… Size does not matter if your looking for a long term relationship…confidence, compassion, thoughtfullness, sense of humour, tenderness, sensual, attentif….. That’s what really matters….. !!!! Those qualifications last a life time.. And bring you the real love that your looking for…..and when you’ll find the man for you… Don’t be closed minded about being a bottom… If your man is well knowledge and délicat he will be able to have you reach a climax that you will have never known before in your life expériences…..don’t focus on your penis and more on your total body sensations….. Good luck…

    Chris Frank says:

    “Size does not matter,” is a nice idea. But it is painfully obvious that it does, so saying that doesn’t help. It makes a difference in some situations. Difficulties can arrive when trying to find one’s way through or around those situations. Pretending it is meaningless is unlikely to help, I think.

    Mark Wilcox says:

    Penis size is not everything. The relationships I have been in have not all centred around size. Companionship and comparability on things that have more depth are more important. Also Sex life always dies down, so the size becomes less important. Plus there are other things you can do! Unfortunately the men you have met so far are individuals with no substance. Hang on in there, there is someone for everyone. Please don’t do something stupid as there is so much more to life than sex.

    Even the writer himself talked about guy #5 and how handsome he was with a big penis and how lucky he felt to date him! (based on looks and penis size) Isn’t this the same thing he is complaining that people are doing to him in reverse? LOL One day he might not be as shallow himself to judge others on looks and penis size and he might also one day meet someone who won’t judge him either…. Life sucks. I’m considered attractive and nice and have a worked out body and etc…. and single for YEARS. I always get people asking why…. The guys I’m into aren’t into me and vice verse… It’s not easy for anyone. Suck it up and move on! I’m cool with myself.

    Chris Frank says:

    No, it does not say he was excited specifically because of the “huge cock.” He wrote this: “Guy #5 was really handsome and had a huge cock. I was crazy that I landed a guy like him….” He did not specify. It leaves me wondering. But he didn’t say, “Because of the huge cock.” He might have included the information because it seemed relevant, but without the connection you imagined. You weren’t in his mind when he wrote it; you don’t know, and neither do I. You probably think, “Oh, yeah? Well, then why did he write it that way? Huh?” I DON’T KNOW. NEITHER DO YOU. We all communicate differently, and he might have written it differently at different times.

    Ingvar Kvinnesland. I am sure this guy with self-esteem issues came on here for good advice, so it is not helping to be called a whiner. I am happy for those who don’t have body image issues, but it may be hard to relate to those who have had them for years.

    Jonathan Strom. Agree with you! Life ain’t easy for anyone. These whiners just think their life should be easy just because they’re not attractive or whatever….

    I think you are right. Guys complain about others being shallow but they are also shallow. I married a guy because he was an amazing man for me. He was totally out of my standards. Life is like that! If I didnt give him a chance Id still be single!

    Dylan J. Tate-Britto I agree totally!

    I don’t think he missed the point, Royce. It is fair to say that the writer did the EXACT same thing most guys were doing to him. I’d venture a step further and say he said it out of envy, as well. If anything, should the reader see this post, maybe it could help him in future matters. His story sucks, but instead of geting embarased every time, perhaps he could be up front about his dick size in the beginning, rather than waiting until sex where “THEY” turn into the douche. And no, this isn’t victim blaming, this is called ‘he should try something different for a change’, since his story seems to begin and end the same way in every adventure.

    how did I miss the point??? I said I can understand him but he’s doing the same thing. He said he felt lucky to date a handsome guy with a huge dick. He didn’t say lucky to meet a nice or intelligent guy….

    You missed the entire point and you aren’t helping matters any.

    Yes. That’s what I thought This is a set up

    Thomas Clary says:

    I think that penis.yes size shouldn’t matter but what’s in your heart.oral sex would do.too bad there are some mean people out there

    To be blunt, some of the best sex I’ve had was with guys that weren’t “well endowed”. . . I find it difficult to find guys with smaller cocks because society as a whole, seems focused on grow’m bigger! No thank you! Granted, I’m not looking for a mighty mouse, but at the same time, I’m not that opposed to something that’s “just a mouth full” so to speak 😉

    I have a small penis so I know how it is. I am 36 and I also know how he feels too. It’s a bummer.

    Those who treated this guy wrong by the size of his tool, may you shrink to almost nothing. When guys do this Size shit, or size queens will one day wake up and get freaked out. This guys feelings not only were hurt but by reading this story can see he is despressed. Size should NOT matter.

    whats wrong with wanting big penises? Why should they be blamed. This guy should be more honest about it and do something about it (like someone mentioned there is places where people seek men with small penises). Why are the others always blamed??!! I am so tired of whiny people who go to media just because they don’t get what they want…

    Some gay men r vile and shallow how could any one make another person feel so low I hope you find your mr rite soon until then be happy with who you are

    Chris Beach says:

    I think I would tell him that first he needs to find a way to be cool with who he is. Someone else isn’t going to make him feel better about his life. Relationships are hard work and are definitely not the fix all we like to believe they are. They just bring different issues. If you can’t love who you are then how do you expect others to do so. You gotta see the fabulous and then let other people see it. Then I would suggest he try dating guys that are into guys with smaller than average penis’. I am sure there are some sites where guys go to meet and chat. I shall Google it now. Have a look at smallpenisdating or measurection. There is a room on gaydar chat too. You are more than your parts. It’s easy to say and not so easy to be but it’s the key to a happy life. Do no harm, and want what you know you have, not what you think you want. Try and be as happy as you can as often as you can. There are guys out there who are into something you offer. The trouble with guys is they only think about one part of the body when sex is concerned. We just aren’t very good at pleasuring the whole body. It’s always cock cock arse.

    Chris Beach says:

    Awwww thanks Lola. Happy new year to you too 🙂 x

    Lola Redpath says:

    I really loved your response! Very kind and even googled places he might include in his dating pool. Happy New Year ❤️

    Frank Alamia says:

    I feel bad that people are so shallow and treat you like this I don’t know how old you are as that would help me give you advice. I too had a relatively small penis although I got bigger when it was erect I didn’t really flesh out at all until I was 40 you and then and it’s still very average or below-average. My suggestion to you is to look for an older guy who is not going to be all concerned about huge penis. We older guys had to look for people that we can love and who will love us there are plenty of people who justwantone big dicks but it isn’t necessary.