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The Good Place gives us a taste of Eleanor’s bisexuality in latest episode

The Good Place gives us a taste of Eleanor’s bisexuality in latest episode

eleanor and simone sit opposite each other at a cafe holding hands and smiling at each other

Twitter has gone wild after the latest episode of The Good Place teased a bit more of Eleanor Shellstrop’s bisexuality.

Kristen Bell plays the lead character in the NBC/Netflix comedy about the afterlife.

Eleanor’s bisexuality is never officially declared throughout the show’s first two seasons, but she was seen to lust after her friend Tahani Al Jamil (Jameela Jamil).

Ahead of the third season premiere, William Jackson Harper who plays Chidi on the show revealed that Eleanor is ‘super bisexual’.

But in the latest episode, The Ballad of Donkey Doug, viewers almost got to see Eleanor’s bisexuality on display.

In the episode Chidi is practising how to break up with his girlfriend Simone, using a simulator, when Eleanor offers to break up with her on his behalf.

But the simulation doesn’t go as planned when the two women get flirty and almost kiss until Chidi ends the simulation.

‘Why can’t more men be bisexual’

But it’s not the only reference to bisexuality in the show.

While discussing how to break up with Simone, Eleanor asks Chidi if he’s gay. When he says he’s not, she asks him if he’s bisexual.

When he says no again, Eleanor says:

‘Why not? More guys should be bi, it’s 2018, it’s like “get over yourselves”.’

People on Twitter loved the confirmation of Eleanor’s sexuality. But many believed the show didn’t go far enough:

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