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The HIV Garage is your one-stop shop for ageing with HIV

The HIV Garage is your one-stop shop for ageing with HIV

Disclaimer: this article has been funded by Gilead Sciences Ltd.

It was not that long ago that a HIV diagnosis was seen as a life sentence and most people diagnosed in the 80s and even 1990s did not expect to live very long.

But advances in anti-retroviral treatments have changed everything and now HIV is no longer a ‘short hop’ but rather a ‘long haul’.

Men who have sex with men (MSM) and are living with HIV, have a lot to consider when it comes to their health, finances and general emotional wellbeing.

Their HIV journey can also be disempowering if they feel their healthcare providers are not listening to their concerns or involving them in decisions about their own lives.

So, after three years, the My HIV, My Rules, My Journey campaign has introduced the HIV Garage.

The HIV Garage is a new content series which raises awareness of the different health assessments available for people as they age with HIV.

To kick-off the launch of HIV Garage, the website has been relaunched with new content. Go to the website to see what’s new and find out about taking care of your body, managing HIV treatment, and reducing the risk of developing conditions associated with HIV as you get older

The website is an invaluable resource and critical for PLHIV to visit. It features important information on how to take ownership of your health, but also everything you need to know about ageing with HIV.

HIV Garage

HIV can advance the ageing process, but with the help of world famous drag queen, Panti Bliss the journey will not be as daunting.

The content series feature Bliss getting her car serviced (not a euphemism) by members of the LGBTI and HIV communities.

A new, yet to be announced celebrity will feature alongside Calum McSwiggan, Justin Myers, Taofique Folarin, Paul Fleming, Sadiq Ali and Kristian Johns as ‘mechanics’.

The HIV Garage runs a Health MOT to learn more about health assessments as you age with HIV. It also helps PLHIV to create a checklist of topics to discuss with your doctor at every visit.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel to keep an eye out for the upcoming HIV Garage videos (with the new celeb!).

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