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The L Word is looking to cast two trans men and this is revolutionary

The L Word is looking to cast two trans men and this is revolutionary

The cast of The L Word.

The hotly anticipated sequel of iconic dramedy The L Word is about to break ground for trans representation.

The new instalment of the Showtime series aired between 2004 and 2008 is reportedly looking to cast two trans men. And for one of the roles, they are specifically on the lookout for an Asian man.

The roles

The revival will be shooting in Los Angeles between July and October 2019 and will premiere by the end of the year.

The new episodes will focus on some of the beloved characters from the first six seasons alongside new ones.

Among these new additions to the LA crew of lesbian and bisexual women, there will be two trans men.

Production is casting a trans man aged between 30-50 of any ethnicity.

‘Many years into his transition, he is precise and proper, but not without a sense of humor,’ reads the description of the first character.

The other trans character must be of Asian descent and be in his 30s. They will also need to have an athletic figure and be open to film simulated sex scenes, in the steamy fashion The L Word’s fandom knows quite well.

Candidates can email their pictures and contact info to [email protected] by 10 May.

Trans representation in The L Word

Actress Daniela Sea in the role of Max Sweeney in The L Word.
Actress Daniela Sea in the role of Max Sweeney in The L Word. | Photo: Showtime

The L Word originally featured Moira Sweeney, a trans character played by actress Daniela Sea.

In a relationship with Jenny (Mia Kirschner), Moira comes out as trans and adopts the name of Max.

Fans weren’t happy with the decision to cast a cis woman to play a trans character. But it was 2006 — trans representation has come a long way since then.

How did fans react?

The news of the casting has gained mixed reactions from fans.

Some are understandably excited.

‘as a transman this is kind of revolutionary. i always felt like i 110% didnt belong anywhere near lesbians bc its so easy for people to see me as one in those spaces when im just a trans dude,’ one tweeted.

‘Casting call for trans men for the L Word, your baby queer dreams could come true,’ another wrote.

Others, however, are worried about the way the show will portray trans sex.

‘I know I should be excited the L Word is casting trans men but I’m definitely more worried about their handling of trans sex instead. They can win back my faith though,’ another tweeted.

Someone pointed out that trans representation is important across the board and that The L Word should include trans women.

‘so uhhhhh are you gonna cast any trans women or are you just focused on the real lesbians, trans men,’ a Twitter user wrote.

they added: ‘casting trans women in the l word is important bc:

-even in queer spaces our transness is often seen as more important to our identity than anything else, so having a group of lesbians that includes trans women would help to challenge that idea

-i want to be in the l word’

They finally wrote: ‘maybe they’ve already written a bunch of interesting roles for trans women and just haven’t put out an open casting call bc they already had actors in mind! if so, that’s great! but the l word doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to trans representation’.

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